Food for the Soul: Lessons from Vermeer with Nina Heyn and Ricardo Oskam, Part 2

Johannes Vermeer. The Milkmaid, 1658-1659. Oil on canvas. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Purchased with the support of the Vereniging Rembrandt. Photo: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

I love that he (Vermeer) leaves the interpretation up to you—you can tell yourself whatever story you want.”
~ Nina Heyn

By Catherine Austin Fitts

As the Solari Report continues to celebrate “The Year of Vermeer,” inspired by the once-in-a-lifetime Vermeer exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, we are happy to present Part 2 of “Lessons from Vermeer.”

When Solari’s Culture Scout Nina Heyn visited the Rijks exhibition with Ricardo Oskam and other members of the Solari team earlier this spring, Nina provided—in her inimitable, erudite yet down-to-earth manner—running comments on each of the paintings on display. Part 2 allows you to enjoy Nina’s observations and Ricardo’s astute questions and comments while viewing each of the paintings for yourself, including close-ups and unique details. (Please note that because their conversation was recorded as they were walking through the museum, there is some minor background noise from other museum patrons.)

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