FAQ: How Do I Find Catherine’s Money & Market?

Catherine’s Money & Markets is recorded weekly, every week except the last week of the month. It publishes late on Thursday night US Central Time, which means it may post in the early hours of Friday am.

A Money & Markets commentary publishes the prior Saturday on the top of the right column on the Solari Report website for the upcoming Money & Markets. We collect stories during the week. You can make comments, suggest stories and post questions at that commentary or e-mail them to Ask Catherine at askcatherine[at]solari[dot]com.

The audio file is posted at this commentary on Thursday night when we put up the raw file. On Friday, the audio is revised, and also published in chapters for the different sections, including Theme, Money & Markets, Hero, Lets Go to the Movies and Ask Catherine.

The Money & Markets audio file is also posted in the table of all Solari Reports which is accessed from the top of the middle column entitled “Solari Reports”. When you click on the graphic it pulls up a table of the audios for each week’s interview and Money & Markets commentary.

So there are two ways to access:

  • First, on the top of the right column under “Money & Markets Commentary”
  • Second, on the top of the middle column under “Solari Reports”

We also post a link to the Money & Markets commentary from the weekly interview, so you can click over to it easily from the commentary for the weekly interview.

Let us know what we can do to make sure Catherine’s Money & Markets does an excellent job helping you navigate a changing economy and world!

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