FAQ: How Do I Access the Full Archive of Subscriber Content?

Solari Report subscriber content is located on two URLs:


You can access your subscriber content by logging in at home.solari.com

Everything we have published during the last year (growing to two years) is on this URL.

Each Solari Report has a commentary, containing description, an introductory video excerpt and audio files and transcripts.

You can access all these materials from the Navigation Bar under Solari Report or main sections on the home page: Weekly Interviews, Money & Markets Commentary, Quarterly and Annual Wrap Ups.

For quick access you can pull up a table of all audios and transcripts by clicking on the graphic of a microphone at the top of the page. That will give you a link to the commentary, audio files and transcripts.

Each Quarterly and Annual Wrap Up comes with a web presentation which is completed first, transcripts for individual parts and then a full graphic PDF treatment, flip book and hard copy which are published after we have produced the individual sections in audio form with web presentation and transcripts. Subscribers who sign up for the digital + print subscription automatically receive the hard copy. Subscribers who are signed up for digital can purchase hard copies at the Solari Store.

If you are new subscriber, you will want to check out Core Concepts (See right hand lower corner on the home page). This will help you access some of the ideas and terms we use at the Solari Report.


To ensure high speed on home.solari.com we have shifted content published before the last twelve months (and growing to two years) from inception (2008 for Solari Report, 2004 for commentaries and 1998 for articles and supporting documentation) to library.solari.com

From home.solari.com just click on Library in the navigation bar under Solari Report. The first time you go to Library you will need to login with your Solari username and password. Just ask your browser to remember your access information, so the transition is seamless after your first login.

At library.solari.com, click on Solari Report in the navigation bar or for the table presentation for quick access click on Quick Access Solari Report.

Our commentaries and articles are also available — although we are still editing. We will add a search box after we have finished polishing these sections.

We are actively working to make sure that the public content in Library is full operational by the end of 2018. It’s a lot of content!

If you have any questions or would like Customer Service to call and help guide you through the website, let us know by sending an e-mail to customerservice@solari.com