Economy & Financial Markets – 3rd Quarter 2019

Steven Mnuchin begins reforming America’s giant mortgage-guarantee firms
The Economist | 21 September 2019

Cathay Pacific’s fate rattles multinationals in Hong Kong
The Economist | 22 August 2019

Big Banks Are Shifting Mortgages Made Riskier by Climate Change Onto Taxpayers
Truth Out | 28 September 2019

Will Central Banks Use QE to Prevent a Liquidity Crisis? (w/ Michael Howell)

Will Central Banks Use QE to Prevent a Liquidity Crisis? (w/ Michael Howell)

Real Vision Finance | 14 September 2019

The developed world is on the brink of a financial, economic, social and political crisis

The developed world is on the brink of a financial, economic, social and political crisis

Live Wire Markets | 27 August 2019

Is the US Dollar Fading as the World’s Dominant Currency?
Conversable Economist | 20 September 2019

How domestic workers built America’s first co-op franchise
Shareable | 05 September 2019

Why Thomas Cook’s sudden collapse would be financially catastrophic for customers if it happened in the U.S.
Market Watch | 26 May 2019

The Disaster of Negative Interest Rates
Truth Dig | 25 September 2019

The Dollar Shortage & Liquidity Crisis?
Martin Armstrong | 23 September 2019

The World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Plans to Use Technology to Remake the Physical and Biological World
Need to Know News | 24 September 2019

State-by-State Guide to Taxes
Kiplinger | 00 October 2019

TIL China used more cement in three years — between 2011 and 2013 — than the US did in the entire 20th century.
Reddit | 24 September 2019

‘The men who plundered Europe’: bankers on trial for defrauding €447m
Bloomberg | 21 September 2019

The Strong Towns Approach to Public Investment
Strong Towns | 23 September 2019

What a Relief that the U.S. and Global Economies Are Booming
Of Two Minds | 13 September 2019

China is building a ‘comprehensive system’ for tracking companies’ activities, report says
CNBC | 03 September 2019

Taiwan president accuses China of ‘dollar diplomacy’ after country loses recognition from largest Pacific ally
Fox News | 17 September 2019

The Fed Will Restart QE In November: This Is How It Will Do It
Zero Hedge | 19 September 2019

Press Release: Wendel and Existing Shareholders to Sell Additional Stake in Allied Universal
Wendel Group | 18 September 2019
Bloomberg | 18 September 2019

Banks in Iran, Russia Connected via Non-SWIFT Financial Messaging Service
Financial Tribune | 17 September 2019

Transparency in Opportunity Zones
Yumpu | 10 September 2019

Missing Paychecks Leave Small Businesses Scrambling
WSJ | 18 September 2019

EU creates directorate for European defense industry
Pimco | 16 September 2019

“The Greatest Economy (N)Ever”: Gundlach’s Full Webcast Slides
Zero Hedge | 17 September 2019

Goldman Sachs Brings on former Amazon Executive as Partner
The Wealth Advisor | 16 September 2019

Financial State of the States 2019: This year the study found that 40 states do not…
Truth in Accounting | 24 September 2019

JPMorgan: We Believe The Dollar Could Lose Its Status As World’s Reserve Currency
Zero Hedge | 24 July 2019

Will Chicago Be The Largest US City To Declare Bankruptcy?
Zero Hedge | 19 August 2019

Oklahoma pension fund reports $4.2 million cyber theft
APNews | 06 September 2019

Pension World Reels From ‘Financial Vandalism’ of Falling Yields
Bloomberg | 17 August 2019

A student loan fintech just closed a $300-million securitization
Business Insider | 12 September 2019

U.S. Deficit Tops $1 Trillion in First 11 Months of Fiscal Year
WSJ | 12 September 2019

ECB Launches Major Stimulus Package, Cuts Key Rate
WSJ| 12 September 2019

Chart of the week: Bond returns soar this year, but income falls further
FS Investments | 06 September 2019

Land of the “Super Founders“— A Data-Driven Approach to Uncover the Secrets of Billion Dollar Startups | 05 December 2018

Farmageddon Is Real And Farmers Are Suffering
Bruce Wilds | 05 September 2019

Why Is Ricardo Lara Quiet on Hundreds of Thousands of Homeowners Insurance Cancellations?
CA Globe | 06 September 2019

Testimony-Financial Stability: Governor Lael Brainard, Before the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
Federal Reserve | 25 September 2019

Central Bankers’ Desperate Grab for Power
Truth Dig | 17 September 2019

Asia’s Richest Man Grooms the Heirs to His $50 Billion Fortune
The Wealth Advisor | 17 September 2019

$53.2 Billion In QE Lite: Fed Concludes First Repo In A Decade Amid Liquidity Panic
Zero Hedge | 18 September 2019

India’s Petronet signs LNG deal with Tellurian
Reuters | 21 September 2019

$53.2 Billion In QE Lite: Fed Concludes First Repo In A Decade Amid Liquidity Panic
Zero Hedge | 18 September 2019

Goldman Sachs Brings on former Amazon Executive as Partner
The Wealth Advisor | 16 September 2019

Global spare oil capacity in U.S. hands after Saudi outage
Reuters | 14 September 2019

What a Relief that the U.S. and Global Economies Are Booming
Of Two Minds | 13 September 2019

LSE rejects bid, and Hong Kong exchange says it will take its offer to shareholders
Market Watch | 13 September 2019

The US Massively Underestimates the Trade War Blowback
Naked Capitalism | 13 September 2019

ECB Launches Major Stimulus Package, Cuts Key Rate
Wolfstreet | 13 September 2019

The Great Land Robbery: The shameful story of how 1 million black families have been ripped from their farms
The Atlantic | 00 September 2019

Jeff Bezos abruptly cuts health benefits for nearly 2,000 part-time Whole Foods workers
Salon | 14 September 2019

Whole Foods is cutting medical benefits for hundreds of part-time workers
Business Insider | 13 September 2019

Is Chicago Doomed?
Martin Armstrong | 10 September 2019

Morning Brief: SEC Chief Warns About Rising Corporate Debt Levels
Advisor Hub | 10 September 2019

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Bids Nearly $37 Billion for London Rival
WSJ | 11 September 2019

Lenox Air Conditioner Manufacturer Cites Colder Temperatures for Decline in Sales
Martin Armstrong | 11 September 2019

How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel
Mint Press News | 11 June 2019

MSCI to Strengthen Climate Risk Capability with Acquisition of Carbon Delta
Market Watch | 09 Sept 2019

CA Taxpayers Paying Wildly Inflated Costs for Public Employees’ Health Plans
CA Globe | 09 Sept 2019

‘Junk’ rating for Ford from Moody’s hurts ability to borrow money, warns investors
Free Press Detroit | 09 Sept 2019

The Big Short’s Michael Burry Explains Why Index Funds Are Like Subprime CDOs
Bloomberg| 04 Sept 2019

New York Hits Out-of-Stater With Hefty Tax Bill Over Vacation Home
Market Screener | 09 Sept 2019

Activist Investor Elliott Wants Changes at AT&T | 09 Sept 2019

Paul Singer
Wiki | 09 Sept 2019

Elliott Management Corporation
Wiki | 09 Sept 2019

Exclusive-Germany considers ‘shadow budget’ to circumvent national debt rules – sources
Trust.Org | 05 Sept 2019

NY Fed President John Williams says low inflation is ‘the problem of this era’
CNBC | 04 Sept 2019

Trump administration unveils Fannie, Freddie overhaul, urges Congress to act
Reuter | 05 September 2019

Treasury Designates China as a Currency Manipulator
US Treasury | 05 September 2019

Alan Greenspan says it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before negative rates spread to the US
CNBC | 03 September 2019

Atlanta Fed model pares U.S. third quarter GDP view to 1.7%
Reuters | 03 September 2019

Goldman Sachs’s Partnership Is Shrinking
WSJ | 04 September 2019

Disrupting Big Ag
FT | 18 August 2019

Tell Pampers, wireless “smart” baby diapers are not safe!
David Icke | 02 September 2019

Michelle Cruz Rosado | 07 May 2012

​Brave New World: Uncle Sam is taxing robots as companies invest in advanced tech
NY Post | 25 August 2019

Morrison government proposes $10,000 cash limit for Australia
New Castle Herald | 12 August 2019

Banks Near Tipping Point as Negative Rates Draw Danish Warning
Bloomberg | 27 August 2019

Dalio Says Central Banks Are Losing Ability to Reverse Downturns
Bloomberg | 28 August 2019

The Key to a Sustainable Economy Is 5,000 Years Old
TruthDig | 28 August 2019

Well It’s Happened Robots are Being Taxed
Giza Death Star | 28 August 2019

Pension World Reels From ‘Financial Vandalism’ of Falling Yields
Bloomberg | 27 August 2019

Why Johnson & Johnson shares surged after $572m opioid court reverse
Yahoo News | 27 August 2019

If Strong Towns Is Right and Cities Are Insolvent, Why Do So Many Seem to Be Doing So Well?
Strongtowns | 25 August 2019

Pull, Push, Pipes: Sustainable Capital Flows for a New World Order
Mark Carney-Group of 30 | 00 July 2019

Why Jackson Hole This Year Looks Like One of the Best Ever
Bloomberg | 22 August 2019

Here’s what you need to remember from the G7 summit in Biarritz
Euro News | 00 July 2019

Back to Shauble: No Way Forward That is Not a Reform
Giza Death Star | 27 August 2019

This farmer lost $400k. See his warning to Trump.

This farmer lost $400k. See his warning to Trump.

CNN | 27 August 2019

Yale Endowment’s Second-in-Command Takahashi to Step Down
Yahoo | 24 August 2019

A Critical Threshold Has Just Been Crossed, And Things Will NEVER Be The Same Again…
The Economic Collapse | 23 August 2019

Beijing Pledges Fight “To the End” Against U.S. Economic Confrontation – Let It Be So…
The Conservative Tree House | 25 August 2019

President Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson Discuss “Big Trade Deal”….
The Conservative Tree House | 25 August 2019

Causeway Bay retail landlord offers to cut rent by 44 per cent as Prada closes flagship store next year amid dwindling foot traffic
SCMP | 23 August 2019

PG&E Shareholders Are Worried That They Now Might Be Wiped Out
Seeking Alpha | 22 August 2019

Federal Deficits to Grow More Than Expected Over Next Decade, CBO Says
WSJ | 21 August 2019

When CEOs Promise a Kinder Capitalism, Watch Your Wallet
NY Mag | 20 August 2019

Germany to Test Haven Demand as 30-Year Bond Coupon Set at 0%
Bloomberg | 19 August 2019

Trump Says He Can Issue Capital Gains Tax Cut With Executive Order
Zero Hedge | 20 August 2019

12 Reasons Why Negative Rates Will Devastate The World
Zero Hedge | 19 August 2019

David Graeber on capitalism’s best kept secret | 14 August 2019

Maximizing shareholder value can no longer be a company’s main purpose: top CEOs
Market Watch | 21 August 2019

States to Move Forward With Antitrust Probe of Big Tech Firms
WSJ | 19 August 2019

She’s 63 and living by the beach in Mexico on $1,000 a month: ‘I can’t imagine living in the U.S. again’
Market Watch | 19 August 2019

Treasury rally gets supercharged by pension fund, insurer hedge flows?
Pensions & Investments | 16 August 2019

LSE’s big stocks start trading after longest glitch in 8 years
Pensions & Investments | 16 August 2019

Is Pimco Right That Negative Yields Make Sense?
Bloomberg | 07 August 2019

U.S. Stocks Tumble as Economic Worries Mount: Markets Wrap
Bloomberg | 13 August 2019

RBC’s Cassidy on what makes this yield curve inversion different and..
CNBC | 15 August 2019

Traders Have Been Gripped by Once-in-a-Generation Dash to Safety
Bloomberg | 15 August 2019

HUD Throws in the Towel on Down Payment Assistance Revisions
Balard Spar | 15 August 2019

Secretive Brother Runs Side Bets for $58 Billion Chanel Empire
Bloomberg | 14 August 2019

Main yield curve inverts as 2-year yield tops 10-year rate, triggering recession warning
CNBC | 13 August 2019

Most Hong Kong firms fall short in ESG disclosures despite progress made, says BDO
SCMP | 26 January 2018

University of Michigan criticized for investment in Detroit
MI Live | 19 July 2019

Volcker revamp to ease banks’ trading rules, path to investments
Pensions & Investments | 13 August 2019

Middle Class Death Spiral: Consumers Have Never Been In More Debt, And Bankruptcies Are Surging
The Economic Collapse | 13 August 2019

U.S. core inflation hits six-month high in broad-based gain
Bloomberg | 13 August 2019

Why the EU’s ESG taxonomy matters to Asian asset managers and investors
The Asset | 12 August 2019

ESG Regulatory Reform Impact on Asset Managers: ESG REFORM AGENDA. July 2019

London Baker & McKenzie | 01 July 2019

UBS’s Rich Clients to Feel Negative Rates as Fees Extended
Bloomberg | 06 August 2019

First U.K. Contraction Since Wake of Crisis Raises Brexit Stakes
Bloomberg | 09 August 2019

HSBC Greater China chief Wong leaves for external role
Reuters | 09 August 2019

Unit of China’s sovereign wealth fund takes over Xiao Jianhua-linked HengFeng Bank in third case of nationalisation since May
SCMP | 08 August 2019

Greenspan Sees No Barriers to Prevent Negative Treasury Yields
Bloomberg | 13 August 2019

China’s Digital Currency Coming Soon, Says Central Bank
IB Times | 12 August 2019

Legislation That Would Surreptitiously Steal Social Security’s $2.9 Trillion Surplus Has Been Defeated – But 97% of Republicans Voted For It
Social Security Works | 12 August 2019

JPMorgan: The Fed Will Need To Restart QE Soon
Zero Hedge | 11 August 2019

Denmark’s 3rd Largest Bank Is Now Paying People To Take Out A Mortgage
Zero Hedge | 10 August 2019

Saudi Plans for Biggest-Ever IPO Are Back On
WSJ | 09 August 2019

Bonds, Gold Bid As Italian Political Crisis Re-Emerges: Salvini Demands Fresh Elections
Zero Hedge | 08 August 2019

Saudis Are Discussing Options With Producers to Halt Oil’s Slide
Bloomberg | 07 August 2019

US Aims To Sever Huawei From Government Business
Law 360 | 07 August 2019

When You Get An Email Like This From The Fed, It May Be Time To Panic
Zero Hedge | 08 August 2019

U.S. Designates China as Currency Manipulator
WSJ | 05 August 2019

Putin’s Pledge to Ditch the Dollar Is Slowly Becoming a Reality
Bloomberg | 03 August 2019

Buffett backs off stock rally as his cash pile hits $122bn
Big News Network | 05 August 2019

The New York Fed Bailed Out Financial Gangs on Wall Street and Ended Up Owning a Gang-Riddled Mall in Oklahoma City
Wall Street on Parage | 02 August 2019

Everyone Hates Customer Service. This Is Why.
WSJ | 03 August 2019

Pro-China Boris? Britain’s new PM ‘enthusiastic’ about Beijing’s new Silk Road
RT | 24 July 2019

The Worst Budget Deal in History
The Independent | 23 July 2019

Fed Cuts Rates by a Quarter Point, Ends Portfolio Runoff
WSJ | 31 July 2019

Ron Whitney, IRTA
Beyond Money Podcast | 31 July 2019

China, U.S. Plan Next Round of Trade Talks for September
Bloomberg | 31 July 2019

On the road to a US-German trade war
OMFIF | 31 July 2019

Apple and Goldman Sachs Credit Card Targeting August Launch Date
Bloomberg | 26 July 2019

Capital One says information of over 100 million individuals in U.S., Canada hacked
The Wealth Advisor | 30 July 2019

SEC Plan Gives Audit Relief to Firms That Wiped Out Over $290 Million
WSJ | 26 July 2019

Eight asset managers unite for One Planet initiative
City Wire | 11 June 2019

Meet The Trillion-Dollar Tax-Haven-Whistleblower Who Was Exiled From His Homeland
Zero Hedge | 29 July 2019

Moody’s buys climate-data firm to help investors price impact of a warming planet
CBS News | 26 July 2019

Trump Says U.S. to Take Action Against France for Tax on American Tech Companies
WSJ | 26 July 2019

Why Italian graduates are choosing life on the farm | Focus • FRANCE 24 English

Why Italian graduates are choosing life on the farm | Focus • FRANCE 24 English

France 24 English | 15 February 2018

Economic Growth Slowed to 2.1% in Second Quarter
WSJ | 26 July 2019

Streaming TV is about to get very expensive – here’s why
The Guardian UK | 27 June 2019

ECB Signals Rate Cut, Possible Stimulus Relaunch
WSJ | 25 January 2019

Nissan to Cut 12,500 Jobs as Its Profit Plunges
WSJ | 25 January 2019

CEO: Schools reject offer to pay students’ late lunch bills
AP News | 23 July 2019

Amazon Plows Into Real Estate Market With Realogy Pact To Transform Homebuying Process
Zero Hedge | 23 July 2019

New American Fortune 500 in 2019: Top American Companies and Their Immigrant Roots
New American Economy | 22 July 2019

White House and Congress Reach Deal on Spending, Debt Ceiling
WSJ | 22 July 2019

New ‘rhino bonds’ to allow investors to help with wildlife conservation
CNBC | 18 July 2019

Finra arbitrators order Morgan Stanley to pay $3.3 million for concealing evidence
Investment News | 18 July 2019

California Economy Declining Significantly
Martin Armstrong | 22 July 2019

Debt-Ceiling and Spending Negotiations Split Republicans
WSJ | 22 July 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Private Equity Plan Seeks to Strip Industry of Riches
News Max | 21 July 2019

Texas Teachers closes in on planned Singapore office
Asian Investor | 20 July 2019

Trump faces new hit on deficit
The Hill | 19 July 2019

Stopping a Retirement Crisis
Plan Sponsor | 19 July 2019

Some Good News On Multiemployer Pensions
Forbes | 17 July 2019

Pelosi Rejects Latest White House Offer On Debt-Ceiling Deal As Talks Stall
Zero Hedge | 19 July 2019

The Senate Math That Could Block SECURE Act
Plan Sponsor | 08 July 2019

France & the New Digital Tax
Martin Armstrong | 22 July 2019

As U.S. ‘superstar’ cities thrive, weaker ones get left behind
Reuters | 19 July 2019

Income Inequality
Inequality Org | 19 July 2019

Fidelity, Ashton Kutcher invest in ESG asset manager
City Wire | 18 July 2019

2019 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit: Reflections on Action and Impact
International Endowments | 00 February 2019

One planet sovereign wealth funds: Integrating Climate Change Risks and Investing in the Smooth Transition to a Low Emissions Economy
One Planet SWFS | 00 February 2019

EU agrees to sustainable investment disclosure framework
Pi Online | 08 March 2019

FASB Votes to Delay Credit Loss Standard for Some Lenders
WSJ | 17 July 2019

“You’re All Serial Killers”: Outraged Californians Slam $2 Billion PG&E Rate Hikes
Zero Hedge | 19 July 2019

U.K. Audit Regulator Gets a New Leader as Bigger Changes Loom
WSJ | 18 July 2019

Amazon Offers Sellers a Leg Up, With a Catch
WSJ | 19 July 2019

Equifax to Pay Around $700 Million to Resolve Data-Breach Probes
WSJ | 19 July 2019

Trump ‘Looking Into’ Pentagon’s JEDI Contract
Next Gov | 18 July 2019

New study uncovers China’s massive hidden lending to poor countries
Big Think | 18 July 2019

My Journey from Free Market Ideologue to Strong Towns Advocate, Part 5: Commercial Development
Strong Towns | 15 July 2019

Should We Save the American Mall?
Strong Towns | 12 July 2019
Greg Hunter | 16 July 2019

Brian Reynolds: Unfunded Pensions & Retirement Crisis

Brian Reynolds: Unfunded Pensions & Retirement Crisis

Real Vision Finance | 09 May 2019

How has the global real estate investment market evolved in 2018?
MSCI | 18 July 2019

China’s Import And Export Statistics And The Outcome Of The G-20 Meeting Between Trump And Xi
Seeking Alpha | 28 June 2019

As Wall Street Celebrates Soaring Stocks, Companies Are Literally Shutting Down All Over America
Zero Hedge | 17 July 2019

CEO of railroad giant CSX says the economy is the ‘most puzzling’ he’s seen as stock plummets
CNBC | 16 July 2019

Boris Johnson Says U.S. Trade Deal Won’t Be Forged Quickly
Bloomberg | 17 July 2019

U.S. Is Heading to a Future of Zero Interest Rates Forever
Yahoo News | 17 July 2019

Foreign purchases of American homes plunge 36% as Chinese buyers flee the market
CNBC | 17 July 2019

Yacht Owners Ditch Life on Land for the High Seas
WSJ | 17 July 2019

Social Security and American Public Opinion
Gallup | 18 July 2019

Global Insights on Key G20 Summit Issues
Global Insights | 16 July 2019

Uneasy ECB May Mull Bank-Bond Buying Amid Unappealing Menu
Bloomberg | 15 July 2019

The EU may be overplaying its hand in Swiss stock exchange standoff, experts say
CNBC | 10 July 2019

Joseph Trevisani on the Dollar & Euro If the Fed Cuts Rates | Stock Trade Ideas

Joseph Trevisani on the Dollar & Euro If the Fed Cuts Rates | Stock Trade Ideas

Real Vision Finance | 15 July 2019

Congress Is Coming for Your IRA

WSJ | 09 July 2019

Congress Moves to Put Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation On Taxpayer Dole

Real Clear Markets | 15 July 2019

Gundlach: Corporate Debt Is a Ticking Time Bomb
The Wealth Advisor | 14 July 2019

De-Dollarizing the American Financial Empire
Guns and Butter | 11 July 2019

Why states and cities should stop handing out billions in economic incentives to companies
The Conversation | 11 July 2019

Eight asset managers unite for One Planet initiative
CityWire | 11 July 2019

Two of the world’s most powerful demographic drivers: China and India
Credit Suisse | 16 June 2019

Wealth of nations: Mostly higher than in 2007
Credit Suisse | 27 February 2019

California Becomes First State to Allow Illegal Aliens Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance
CA Globe| 10 July 2019

Unmortgage strikes a $623 million deal with Allianz to launch a property purchasing fund
Business Insider | 11 July 2019

Behind the Lens: This Vacant City Block Will Soon Be the Tallest Building in Michigan
Governing | 11 July 2019

Simi considering risky pension obligation bonds to refinance much of $147M CalPERS debt
VC Star | 11 July 2019

The World’s First Trillion Dollar Oil Company Has A Big Problem
Oil Price | 10 July 2019

U.S. Launches Probe of French Digital Tax
WSJ | 10 July 2019

Stocks close higher, S&P 500 hits 3,000 for the first time as Fed chief signals rate cut ahead
CNBC | 10 July 2019

Blackstone and Pimco Tussle as Mortgage Lender Goes Bankrupt
Bloomberg | 08 July 2019

France passes tax on tech giants despite US threats
BBC | 11 July 2019

Michigan governor pans a pension bond proposal
The Bond Buyer | 09 July 2019

Jerome Powell Says Outlook Hasn’t Improved in Recent Weeks, Setting Stage for Rate Cut
WSJ | 10 July 2019

What Will Cause The Next Recession - Joseph Stiglitz On Trump's Protectionism

What Will Cause The Next Recession – Joseph Stiglitz On Trump’s Protectionism

CNBC | 09 July 2019

Testimony of Chair Jerome H. Powell: Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress
Before the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

Federal Reserve | 10 July 2019

A revolutionary treatise goes on the block
The Economist | 06 June 2019

Following Deutsche Bank’s News, Every Major Wall Street Bank Closed in the Red Yesterday
Wall Street on Parade | 09 July 2019

Monitoring the World’s Progress on Financial Inclusion
Gallup | 08 October 2012

Richard Branson’s Space Unit to Go Public
WSJ | 09 July 2019

“It’s Going To Be Carnage” – Deutsche Begins Culling 18,000 Employees
Zero Hedge | 08 July 2019

African leaders launch landmark 55-nation trade zone
DW | 04 July 2019

America’s Concealed Crisis: Fifty Years of Economic Decline, 1969 to 2019
Of Two Minds | 01 July 2019

Welcome To Chapwood Index The Real Cost Of Living Increase Index
Chapwood Index | 01 July 2019

How Federal Tax Reform Is Changing Government Borrowing
Governing | 03 July 2019

HK currency market coming unhinged. HK interbank lending rate skyrocketing (up 30bps tonight alone!) as money evacuates the system.
Kyle Bass | 03 July 2019

Lagarde’s shattering ECB move
OMFIF | 04 July 2019

Now in Effect: West Virginia Law to Start Treating Gold and Silver as Money
Tenth Amendment Center | 01 July 2019

China Accounts For The Bulk Of U.S. Fireworks Imports
Statistica | 06 July 2018

Australia Lowers Rate to Historic Low of 1%
Martin Armstrong | 03 July 2019

America’s Concealed Crisis: Fifty Years of Economic Decline, 1969 to 2019 by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds | 01 July 2019

Chapwood Index: The Real Cost Of Living Increase Index
Chapwood Index | 01 July 2019

How Much You Need To Live Comfortably in 50 Major US Cities
(Albuquerque, Arlington, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Fort Worth, Fresno, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Mesa, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tucson, Tulsa, Virginia Beach, Washington, D.C.)

Bank Rate | 04 April 2019