Economy & Financial Markets – 1st Quarter 2018

Raoul Pal: ‘Everyone is going to be on the wrong side of the boat at the wrong time’
Business Insider | 29 March 2018

Libor Just Did Something It Hasn’t Done In 13 Years
Zero Hedge | 29 March 2018

Japan’s Aso rules out bilateral trade deal with U.S.
Reuters | 28 March 2018

A calm surface belies transformation in securities services
McKinsey | March 2018

Libor’s Ascent Is New Culprit for Hedged Treasury Yields Near 0%
Bloomberg | 27 March 2018

The Fed is Raising Rates Because of the Pension Crisis
Armstrong Economics | 27 March 2018

Microsoft shares surge after Morgan Stanley predicts it will reach $1 trillion market cap in a year
CNBC | 26 March 2018

India Invests $500 Million In Two U.S. Steel Operations…
The Conservative Tree House | 26 March 2018

Welcome To Chapwood Index: The Real Cost Of Living Increase Index in America
Chapwood Index | March 2018

Stocks Tumble in Biggest Weekly Decline Since 2016: Markets Wrap
Bloomberg | 23 March 2018

Forget Fruit Tariffs, China Mulls Weaponizing Treasury Holdings
The Wealth Advisor | 23 March 2018

SWIFT shutdown: Russia ready with own alternative to international bank transfer system
RT | 23 March 2018

Highlighting History: Hong Kong’s New Listing Regime
Biotech Now | 21 March 2018

FT Subscription: Global deals surge past $1tn at fastest ever pace
Financial Times | 21 March 2018

American corporations come out against Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs
Economist | 21 March 2018

Here’s the New Fed Dot Plot
Business Insider | 21 March 2018

The US’ national debt is rising 36% faster than the economy
Business Insider | 21 March 2018

Congress Just Quietly Formed A Committee To Bail-Out 200 Pension Funds
Zero Hedge | 21 March 2018

Carson Says ‘Opportunity Zones’ Could Serve as CDBG Substitute
Route Fifty | 21 March 2018

CDBG: Community Development Block Grant
Wikipedia | March 2018

Morgan Stanley: “Soaring Libor Is The Story Of The Year, Not The Fed”
Zero Hedge | 21 March 2018

Millennials Not Saving for Retirement, Believing Government Will Take Care of Them
Need to Know | 20 March 2018

China’s Silence at G-20 Underscores Communication Challenges
Yahoo | 20 March 2018

Stocks Get Pounded Before Jerome Powell’s First Fed Meeting
The Street | 19 March 2018

G20 financial leaders seek ‘free trade’ pledge amid U.S. tariffs concern
Business Insider | 19 March 2018

Report: Uber Self-Driving Vehicle Involved in Fatal Accident
Breitbart | 19 March 2018

Stocks Get Pounded Before Jerome Powell’s First Fed Meeting
The Street | 19 March 2018

State of the Cities: The Case of Pensions
Cities Speak | 19 March 2018
In advance of their annual State of the Cities report…​

California’s Misguided Attempt to Force Urban Density
Columbia Edu | 19 March 2018

Selfdriving car kills pedestrian; Zelfrijdende auto van Uber rijdt voetganger dood
NOS | 19 March 2018

Uber halts self-driving car tests after first known death of a pedestrian
CNBC | 19 March 2018

Trump prepared to hit China with $60 billion in annual tariffs
Washington Post | 19 March 2018

U.S. outlines hurdles for tariff exclusions
Auto News | 19 March 2018

AP Exclusive: Kushner Cos. filed false NYC housing paperwork
Yahoo | 18 March 2018

In America, a political coalition in favour of protectionism may be emerging
Economist | 15 March 2018

What China’s new governor should do
OMFIF | March 2018

Signs of stress in global markets
Reuters | 16 March 2018

U.S. bank derivatives books larger since rescue of Bear Stearns
GATA | 16 March 2018

The Week in Public Finance: 3 Things State and Local Governments Should Know About the Banking Deregulation Bill
Governing | 16 March 2018

The War on the Post Office
Truthdig | 16 March 2018

Secret Empires: Joe Biden’s Son’s Firm Struck Billion-Dollar Deal with the Chinese Government 10 Days After Biden Trip to China
Breitbart | 15 March 2018

Why Your Water Bill Is Rising Much Faster Than Inflation
WSJ | 15 March 2018

Interbank Rates Starting to Rise – Monetary Crisis is Beginning
Armstrong Economics | 15 March 2018

iHeart bankruptcy sends media default rate to 20%—but it’s not all bad news, says Fitch
Market Watch | 15 March 2018

International Finance Corporation, a Branch of World Bank, on Trial
Project Censored | 13 March2018

Mapping the Top Export of Every Country
Visual Capitalist | 12 March 2018

Learn How War Is Used To Clear The Books Following A Financial Crash
Need to Know | 12 March 2018

Sea Change Is Underway in Money Markets for Banks, Investors
Bloomberg | 12 March2018

Goldman Names David Solomon Sole President, Next In Line To Replace Blankfein
Zero Hedge | 12 March 2018

Marco Polo in reverse: how Italy fits in the New Silk Roads
Asia Times | 12 March 2018

Life in Vladimir Putin’s Russia explained in 10 charts
BBC | 21 March 2018

$21 Trillion And Rising: How Central Banks Are LBOing The World In One Stunning Chart
Zero Hedge | 10 March 2018

Mobile money in emerging markets: The business case for financial inclusion
McKinsey | March 2018

A Pound of Flesh: The Criminalization of Private Debt
ACLU | March 2018

United States Federal Government Credit-rating Downgrades
Wikipedia | 2018

Department of Justice Sues Standard & Poor’s for Fraud in Rating Mortgage-Backed Securities in the Years Leading Up to the Financial Crisis
Justice | 05 February 2013

Blankfein Says Report of His Departure Didn’t Come From Him
Bloomberg | 09 March 2018

Lloyd Blankfein looks ready to leave Goldman Sachs, and the market is fine with it
Quartz | 09 March 2018

Goldman CEO Blankfein prepares to exit as soon as year-end: WSJ
Reuters | 09 March 2018

Trump wants to raise rents on 1.7 million poorest Americans
Under News | 09 March 2018

Reporter “Harassed” By Police After Exposing China’s “Dirty” Steel Secret
Zero Hedge | 09 March 2018

Stanford Management Company CEO: ‘The endowment is not a tool for social activism’
Stanford Daily | 09 March 2018

US Steel To Reopen Idle Plant Thanks To Trump Tariffs
Zero Hedge | 08 March 2018

Foreign Investment into Canada Has Collapsed by 26% in 2017
Armstrong Economics | 06 March 2018

11 Pacific trade pact countries go it alone without US
Yahoo | 05 March 2018

US Oil Production will Lead World by 2023: IEA
Fox Business | 05 March 2018

Welcome To Chapwood Index: The Real Cost Of Living Increase Index
Chapwood Index | 04 March 2018

The Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) published a list of all people and organizations whose assets have been blocked or frozen as a result of the Dec 21 Executive Order by POTUS
Twitter | 03 March 2018

Government Missing Over 21 Trillion, Massive Pension Scam, Catherine Austin Fitts (1 of 2)

YouTube | 3 March 2018

Jeff & Catherine Austin Fitts – Fortress America? Are We Bringing America Home?

YouTube | 02 March 2018

Bank of Japan Will Think About Stimulus Exit Around 2019: Kuroda
Bloomberg | 02 March 2018

Forget tariffs, China’s alleged intellectual property theft a bigger threat to market: Analyst
CNBC | 02 March 2018

This Couple Found a Math Error in the Lottery and Made $27 Million (Playing Over and Over for 55 Weeks)
INC | 02 March 2018

Powerhouse investment firm BlackRock is turning up the pressure on gun makers
CNN | 02 March 2018

Chairman Jerome H. Powell: Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress Before the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
Federal Reserve | 01 March 2018

Buffet: Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Letter for End of 2017
Berkshire Hathaway | February 2018

House Prices Are Soaring. Here Are the 5 Cities Where They’re Rising the Fastest
Fortune | 28 February 2018

DJ Why an Unpleasant Inflation Surprise Could Be Coming
International FX | 28 February 2018

A Universal Basic Income is capitulation to capitalism
Renegade Inc | 28 February 2018

Marxism Has Cornered the Junk-Bond Market
Bloomberg | 26 February 2018

The biggest fraud in Indian banking history just got bigger
Quartz | 26 February 2018

“CalPERS Is Near Insolvency; It Needs A Bailout Soon” – Former Board Member Makes Stunning Admission
Zero Hedge | 24 February 2018

Here’s the staggering amount banks have been fined since the financial crisis
Market Watch | 24 February 2018

Collapse of Socialism – End of Pensions
Armstrong Economics | 23 February 2018

California Counties Suing Exxon Commit Securities Fraud?
Armstrong Economics | 23 February 2018

Canada Also Adopted the BAIL-IN moving from Socialism to Tyranny
Armstrong Economics | 23 February 2018

Florida Teachers Demand Their Retirement Fund Dump Gun Stocks
Bloomberg | 22 February 2018

Trump Admin Considers Erasing Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy
Punching Bag Post | 22 February 2018

Credit Suisse has found the next breaking point for stocks
Americarichest | 21 February 2018

Hong Kong gold exchange seeks to create gold trading corridor along Belt and Road
SCMP | 20 February 2018

Morgan Stanley Says Stock Slide Was Appetizer for Real Deal
Bloomberg | 19 May 2018

Exclusive: GM offers $2.2 billion debt for equity swap in return for Seoul’s support – sources
Reuters | 19 February 2018

Jack Ma Will Partner With Duterte To Improve The Lives of All Filipinos
Eurasia Future | 19 February 2018

U.S. Stocks Fall With Treasuries, Dollar Climbs: Markets Wrap
Bloomberg | 19 May 2018

China’s ‘New Silk Roads’ reach Latin America
The Saker | 19 February 2018

US Treasury Posts Gigantic $1.16 Trillion Shortfall in Fiscal 2017, Hilariously Points out “Where We Are Headed”
Wolf Street | 19 February 2018

‘No Cash’ Signs Everywhere Has Sweden Worried It’s Gone Too Far
Bloomberg | 18 February 2018

A four-nation alliance may be rising to counter China’s Belt and Road
CNBC | 18 February 2018

Stockman: Washington ‘Crossed the Fiscal Rubicon,’ ‘Created a Fiscal Catastrophe for 2019’

YouTube | 12 February 2018

Japan Sells US Debt Trying to Ease A Trade War
Armstrong Economics | 18 February 2018

Strong Towns-To Elected Officials and Community Leaders of Amazon HQ2 Finalist Cities: Support a Non-Aggression Pact for Amazon’s HQ2
Strong Towns | 06 February 2018

“There Is An Acute Crisis Coming”: Apartment Developer
Zero Hedge | 17 February 2018

Revealed: Rightwing Groups Plot to Ditch EU Safety Standards on Food and Drugs
Guardian | 17 February 2018

All of the World’s Stock Exchanges by Size – 2016
Visual Capitalist | 17 February 2016

Retail Apocalypse Accelerates: 200 Winn-Dixie Stores To Close As Parent Goes Bankrupt
Zero Hedge | 17 February 2018

SEC Halts Trading In 3 Firms Linked To Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Yahoo | 17 February 2018

How to interpret America’s experiment with huge budget deficits
Economist | 15 February 2018

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes Edition 333 with Catherine Austin Fitts MP3
The Unexplained | 15 February 2018

A Million Dollars a Minute
Information Clearing House | 15 February 2018

Coinbase is erratically overcharging some users and emptying their bank accounts
The Verge | 15 February 2018

Pentagon Wants $900 Million in 2019 for Its Audit Efforts
Bloomberg Gov | 14 February 2018

Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas
Oil Price | 14 February 2018

Americans’ Debt Hits a Record $13.1 Trillion
Bloomberg | 13 February 2018

California Cities’ Pension Bills May Rise With Calpers Move
Bloomberg | 13 February 2018

CalPERS Board Reduces Amortization Policy
League of CA Cities | 14 February 2018

CALPERS Finance and Administration Committee: Agenda Item 7c September 19, 2017 Amortization Policy Discussion
CALPERS | September 2017

Russian banks ready to switch off SWIFT – official
RT | 13 February 2018

Record Number of U.S. Small-Business Owners Say It’s a Good Time to Expand
Bloomberg | 13 February 2018

OpenTheBooks CEO & Founder Adam Andrzejewski on C-SPAN with Host Brian Lamb
Open The Books | 10 September 2017

Open the Books: About Us
Open the Books | 14 February 2018

GMO Asset Allocation Insights: The Advent of a Cynical Bubble
GMO | February 2018

The ‘Goldilocks Market’ Is Over: Lessons From the Stock Selloff
Bloomberg | 13 February 2018

Bitcoin may not be done collapsing, but it has bounced back from worse
Market Watch | 13 February 2018

Trump Formalizes 2019 Pay Freeze Proposal, Revives Benefits Cuts
Government Executive | 12 February 2018

Trump’s Budget Balloons Deficits, Cuts Social Safety Net
ABC News | 12 February 2018
International Space Station by…

JPMorgan Publishes The “Bitcoin Bible”
Zero Hedge | 12 February 2018

BIS Publishes A “Simplified” Map Of China’s Shadow Banking System
Zero Hedge | 12 February 2018

Insider trading has been rife on Wall Street, academics conclude
Economist | 10 February 2018

The Shale ‘Miracle’ & The Reality-Optional World Of Bizarro Finance
Zero Hedge | 10 February 2018

Local: Seoul-based COOP Taxi gives power back to drivers
Shareable | 28 January 2018

China Ends 25-Year Wait as Yuan Oil Futures to Start Trading
Bloomberg| 09 February 2016

Summary of worldwide taxation of income
and gains derived from listed securities

KPMG | 01 February 2018

House-Senate Committee Tasked with Solving Pension Crisis by Year-End
AI CIO | 09 February 2018

Alarm Over NJ Pension System’s Ties to Foreclosures in Puerto Rico
NJ SPotlight | 02 February 2018

Forbes’ First List Of Cryptocurrency’s Richest People: Meet The Secretive Freaks, Geeks And Visionaries
Forbes | 07 February 2018

Fed’s QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply
Zero Hedge | 06 February 2018

Exclusive: Massive Pentagon agency lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars
Politico | 05 February 2018

Pension costs ‘unsustainable,’ California cities say
Sacramento Bee | 02 February 2018

Pensions will be ‘on the chopping block’ in next recession, Jerry Brown says
Sacramento Bee | 16 January 2018

BIS: Central Bank Cryptocurrencies
BIS | September 2017

YouTube | 11 October 2017

BIS Central Bank Cryptocurrencies
BIS | September 2017

Goldman: “Expect A Market Correction In The Coming Months”
Zero Hedge | 29 January 2018

Here it is in a nutshell. This is another “mortgage crisis” type situation getting ready to snowball the American economy ….your taxpayer money at work my friends. Please share!

Posted by Debbie Westmoreland Baker on Friday, January 26, 2018

Facebook | 26 January 2018
Special Solari Report: The Student Loan Scam
Solari | 11 July 2011

An alternative measure to GDP is proof that the global economy isn’t what it seems
Quartz | 22 January 2018

Local: How much is your local Target (Any business) worth?
Strong Towns | 29 November 2017

Local: The Week Ahead: Getting our Towns Back on the Wagon
Strong Towns | 08 January 2018

How Big is a Trillion Dollars?

YouTube | 31 August 2011
Courtesy perspective from 2011 on a dollar…

No Taxpayers’ Money Is Spared in Washington’s Military Adventures Worldwide. Trillions of Unauthorized Spending
Global Research | 24 January 2018

A Central Banker Just Admitted On The Record: Currencies Are Worthless…
Zero Hedge | 24 January 2018

Dark Money At the Pentagon By Branko Marcetic
Jacobin Mag | January 2018

Ignoring the Pentagon’s Multi-Trillion-Dollar Accounting Error
Fair | 02 September 2016

The Economics of Happiness
US News | 23 January 2018
Click on article title after opening the link to access…

Catherine’s Note: The Housing Bubble and Bailouts were a huge success!
What Happens When Wall Street Becomes Your Landlord?Tennessee Bill Would Allow Customers to Opt Out of Smart Meters, Undermine Federal Program
Truth – Out | 23 January 2018

Canada, TPP members strike trade deal without U.S.
The Star | 23 January 2018

Welcome to the New Reality of Leaping U.S. Treasury Debt Sales
Bloomberg | 23 January 2018

Renderings of all planned and under construction towers in downtown Seattle… woah
Reddit | 22 January 2018

How The U.S. Government Is Underestimating The Global Growth Of Renewable Energy
KUT | 23 January 2018

Illinois comptroller can now seize local funds for late pension payments
IL News | 22 January 2018

GAME’S UP? Panicky Bitcoin investors struggle to withdraw cash from money exchanges as they look to ‘safe’ gold investments amid fears of cryptocurrency collapse
The Sun | 22 January 2018

Nord Stream 2 Is A Game Changer For Gazprom
Zero Hedge | 22 January 2018

Closed Systems of Finance: The Recent Cryptocurrency Tumble
Giza Death Star | 20 January 2018

GE’s $31 billion pension nightmare
CNN | 18 January 2018

Craft Beer Is the Strangest, Happiest Economic Story in America
The Atlantic | 19 January 2018

Craftwashing in the U.S. Beer Industry
MDPI | 17 January 2018

RPT-Swiss secrecy could slip further under plan to scrap anonymous shares
CNBC| 17 January 2018

Public Pension Plans Database
Public Plans Data | January 2018

Wilshire Consulting Report Shows Decline in Funding Levels of City and County Retirement Systems in Fiscal year 2016
Wilshire | 18 January 2018

How Tenants Use Digital Mapping to Track Bad Landlords and Gentrification
Truth-Out | 20 January 2018

Beyond Apple repatriation: 16 US corporate giants have $1 trillion in cash
USA Today | 19 January 2018

Bitcoin Is A ‘Project Of US Intelligence,’ Kaspersky Lab Co-Founder Claims
Battle for the World | 19 January 2018

Bitcoin bubble could be a billion-dollar problem for banks
USA Today | 18 January 2018

The Bitcoin Psyop: Episode 328
Corbett Report | 20 January 2018

Apple Leads These Companies With Massive Overseas Cash Repatriation Tax Bills
Fortune | 18 January 2018

League of California Cities: Retirement System Sustainability Study and Findings
CA Cities Org|January 2018

McKinsey: Looking behind the numbers for US stock indexes
McKinsey | January 2018

Worse than Useless: Financial Surveillance

YouTube | 06 January 2018
Highly recommended…

There’s a ‘significant risk to markets’ that’s a bigger worry than where the economy is headed next
Business Insider | 16 January 2017

Chinese agency Dagong cuts U.S. sovereign ratings to BBB+ from A-
Reuters | 16 January 2017

China inches closer to launching its first crude futures contract
S&P Global Platts | 14 January 2018

26 Ways the New Tax Law Will Affect Your Wallet
Kiplinger | 14 January 2018

Bundesbank to include renminbi in currency reserves
Financial Times | 14 January 2018

These Are The 10 Companies That Dominate the Global Arms Trade
Zero Hedge | 14 January 2018

Japanese Purchases Of US Treasurys Tumble
Zero Hedge | 14 January 2018

India has 600 million young people – and they’re set to change our world
Guardian | 13 January 2018

The Funded Status of Local Pensions Inches Closer to States-January 2018
Center for Retirement Research | January 2017

Is Cryptocurrency the Future World Currency?
Light on Conspiracies | 13 January 2018

Travel industry to launch coalition to lobby Trump as international visits to US decline
Fox News | 09 January 2018

Are State And Local Government Pensions Underfunded By $5 Trillion? – 2016
Forbes |01 July 2016

Russia Tightens Oil Grip With China’s Second Pipeline
Bloomberg | 01 January 2018

California’s Brown Raises Prospect of Pension Cuts in Downturn
Bloomberg | 10 January 2018

The Harvest Accelerates…

Amazon makes list of large companies with workers receiving food stamps
Columbus Dispatch | 05 January 2018

NWO Pay Scales…

President Donald Trump Plans to Attend Davos Gathering
WSJ | 09 January 2018
Interesting Possibilities…

Switzerland’s Central Bank Made $55 Billion Last Year—More Than Apple
WSJ | 09 January 2018
Where the Real Money Is….

Tensions with Pensions:
Spectrem | January 2018
More Pension Blow Back…

IPhone addiction may be a virtue, not a vice for investors
Reuters | 09 January 2018
Addiction is the Business Plan….

China is reportedly moving to clamp down on bitcoin minersThe Crunch | 10 January 2018
Another Analog Force beats Digital Currency Story…

Pivot to Blockchain Saves Iced-Tea Maker From Nasdaq Delisting
Bloomberg | 08 January 2018
Another Blockchain Op Miracle…

Buckle Up: NYSE Files For Leveraged, Inverse Bitcoin ETFs
Zero Hedge | 07 January 2018
ETF’s to drive BitCoin Prices…

Top Stories
New Study Finds Public Pension Fund Members Woefully Unaware of Under-Funding

Value Walk | 06 January 2018
Front Page News that Isn’t….

Survey Shows Majority Of Pensioners Have No Idea Their Pensions Are Underfunded
Zero Hedge | 05 January 2018
More Front Page News that Isn’t….

Tributes pour in after former Goldman and BP chair Peter Sutherland dies
UK Yahoo | 07 January 2018
Goldman Exec..

Stock-market investors should ‘brace for a possible near-term melt-up’: Jeremy GranthamMarket Watch | 04 January 2018
J.G.:Market Eruption..

Fed Chair Powell’s Admission: “The Fed Has A Short Volatility Position”
Zero Hedge | 06 January 2018
Fed Loosing it’s Magic???

11 Key Political and Economic Forecasts for 2018
Kiplinger | 05 January 2018
2018 Predictions…

Merrill Lynch bans clients from investing in Silbert bitcoin fund
Reuters | 03 January 2018
Merril Questions on Crypto Offerings…

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