Coronavirus: War on the Citizens

By Daphnévon Boch, MD.

A slightly modified version of this article appeared in German in Der Europäer, Perseus Verlag, Basel, June 2020, p. 16-22.

We have experienced a situation that is unique in history: a worldwide shut-down of people and economy. An illustration on the cover of The Economist said it well: planet earth was “closed” It is now hesitantly re-opening.

This event has divided people into two groups. One group believes that the government has acted out of a responsible consideration of all the facts. Since these are not all known to the general public, they trust that the government made the right decision and follow its directives. The other group is reluctant to do as they are told—to stay at home during the periods of quarantine, to wear masks, etc. Threats and penalties have not been very effective. Do these people not realize they need to protect themselves? The problem is that they do not experience any real danger. Outside of the media reports, not many people are directly acquainted with someone who has had this particular corona disease. They are more likely to have heard indirectly through another person about someone else suffering from it,and the sick person reported somewhat more severe symptoms than an ordinary flu, perhaps additional respiratory complaints or temporary loss of smell and taste, but they usually recovered completely. People are rarely directly acquainted with someone who was put on a ventilator or died. People’s actual experience is that this disease is not very widespread and that the ill usually recover. An exception is the old people’s homes. These have clearly been affected by the corona disease, but not the general population. This is why it has been hard to get people to stay at home for quarantine or comply with the other regulations imposed today.

Even members of the German Parliament belong to this second group. The great majority do not wear masks or practice social distancing, as Martin Sichert, himself a member of Parliament, complains.(2) He reminds his colleagues of their responsibility to set an example for the people. However, he does not wonder about the reason for their behavior. The members of Parliament seem to have more confidence in their own experience than in the media or in the regulations made by themselves and their government.

When we look back at a serious epidemic such as the polio epidemic of the 1950s, the situation was completely different. Many people were affected, especially children. Many lay paralyzed for long periods of time and often had lasting damage. It was not necessary to convince people that this disease was dangerous.

* From an interview with Wolfgang Wodarg entitled: “War on the citizens: COVID-19 or giant hoax?”.(1)

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About the author
Daphnévon Boch was born in Canada and lives in Basel, Switzerland. Following many years of activity in two anthroposophic rehabilitation clinics, she now maintains her own private practice as an anthroposophic physician and psychologist. She trains physicians in anthroposophic medicine, chiefly in Slavic and Asian countries, and republishes the books of Otto Wolff.

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