Via Europa: European Energy—A Difficult Situation with Bruno Comby

“The opposition of the environmental movement to civilian applications of nuclear energy will in time be revealed as among the greatest mistakes of our times.”

~ Bruno Comby, October 2002

“[T]echnology has now progressed to the point where the fear-mongering being spread by anti-nuclear activists about the safety of nuclear energy bears no resemblance to reality.”

~ Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD, Greenpeace co-founder

By Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer

This week in Solari’s Via Europa series, I share a timely conversation with French nuclear physicist, author, and energy visionary Bruno Comby about European energy needs and the consequences Europe is facing as a result of the war in Ukraine.

By training, Comby is an engineer—a graduate of France’s prestigious Ecole Polytechnique and a nuclear physics postgraduate of Paris’s Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (National University of Advanced Technology). With a father who was himself a geologist and engineer working overseas for a French oil company, Comby spent time as a child in both Africa and North America.

A writer and lecturer of international renown in the fields of energy, health, and the environment, Comby is the founder of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (since 1996) and author of a book by the same name (translated into 15 languages) as well as nine other books. He is also the scientific director of the institute that bears his name (Institut Bruno Comby), within which he coordinates a team of scientists and doctors who carry out preventive health research, and founder of the Optimist Movement. He has been described as “the godfather of environmentalists who support nuclear power.”

The interview will publish in the immediate aftermath of the French presidential election between two candidates offering starkly different policy approaches in the areas of sovereignty, foreign policy, and energy. Ukraine’s Zelensky has openly urged French voters to cast their ballots for Macron.

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Please join us this Thursday, April 28 for this pertinent discussion of Europe’s energy needs and challenges.

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