Spiritual Science in the Present Age Series: Occult Politics with Thomas H. Meyer

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[The Slavic people’s] destiny is to evolve a higher civilization of their own in the future. Now it is in a period of infancy.” ~ C.G. Harrison, The Transcendental Universe: Six Lectures on Occult Science, Theosophy, and the Catholic Faith, 1896

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, Thomas Meyer returns with the next installment in the Spiritual Science in the Present Age Series, discussing what he calls Occult Politics.

As Thomas defines the term, “occult politics” examines current political events through a Spiritual Science lens that takes nonphysical realities into account, including the notion of the “spirit of nations” as well as the concept of humanity’s spiritual growth across major cultural epochs, with each epoch lasting roughly 2160 years. A Slavic epoch is expected to follow the current Anglo-German epoch.

From the occult politics perspective, we can see that political actors who are aware of the cultural epochs may try to prepare for the next epoch by steering current events—or nations—in directions favorable to their long-term interests. This can help us understand the possible hidden agendas behind conflicts such as the war in Ukraine, which increasingly appears like nothing less than an all-out assault against Middle Europe and especially Germany.

In his previous “Magnolia Intermezzo” interview, Thomas discussed the Friedman Doctrine—the view that a united Russia and Germany are the only power that could pose a threat to the Anglo-American alliance. Although it was in 2015 that Friedman articulated this doctrine, the West began aggressively seeking to prevent the coming together of these two nations a century earlier during WWI. As Thomas notes, these destructive actions suggest it is the will of the West to dominate the present and also humanity’s future development—by ensuring that Russia never develops the healthy relationship with Europe that is needed.

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