Solution Series: Holistic Health with Nancy O’Brien

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It’s hard to separate just the body, just the physical because we are very complicated beings…. We are spirit, we are physical, we are soul, so you can’t really touch on one without touching on all of them.” ~ Nancy O’Brien

By Corey Lynn and James White

The rapidly changing landscape of today’s modern health care systems, coupled with the increased availability of online health information, has encouraged more and more people to look for ways to manage their own health without doctors and, in some cases, without prescription medications. Regardless of how one arrives at where they want to be in this endeavor, many people will, undoubtedly, be exposed to the practice of holistic health at some point in their journey.

Our guest for this edition of the Solution Series, Nancy O’Brien, spent years as a holistic practitioner and is very skilled and knowledgeable concerning the holistic medicine approach. Essentially, a holistic approach to treatment involves the whole body and focuses on prevention of disease by incorporating the mind, body, and spirit for healing. Unlike conventional medicine, which treats symptoms, the holistic approach looks for the root of the problem and works to remove the underlying causes of disease.

Many of the methods to begin to take back your health are quite simple, including steps like reading food labels; as Nancy says, “we need to take the responsibility for our own health and that would even include at the health food store.”

If you, like many others, are starting to lose faith in modern medicine and are looking for an alternative, then this edition of the Solution Series is for you. Make sure to have a pen and notepad at the ready because Nancy gives our audience plenty of great resources to explore. Here’s to your health!

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