Metanoia Series: Astara, a Modern Mystery School, with Rev. John Gregory Toews

The serious seeker realizes that searching is not with intellect alone, seeing is not only with the eyes. There is an inner knowing, an inner sight.

~ The Modern Mystery School of Astara

By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The ancient Mystery Schools traditions still exist. There are organizations carrying on their legacy of raising consciousness, encouraging enlightenment, and helping truth-seekers find themselves and discern their true purpose and mission in life.

On the Metanoia Series this week, we introduce you to Astara, a modern Mystery School that offers time-honored teachings and techniques for inner peace, enlightenment, healing, and harmony. Founded in 1951, Astara seeks to “bridge the gap between contemporary Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies, presenting their mysteries in a clear context with the wisdom of ancient spiritual truths.”

Join me as I converse with Rev. John Gregory Toews, the CEO and Head Minister of Astara, as he shares what his organization has to offer.

On May 19, Solari will complete publication of the 1st Quarter 2022 Wrap Up, as attorney Carolyn Betts joins Catherine to discuss the Wrap Up theme—Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs): Investment Craze or Reset Laundry?

In Money & Markets this week, John Titus and I will cover the latest events and continue to discuss the financial and geopolitical trends we are tracking in 2022. Post your questions for Ask Catherine or post at the Money & Markets commentary here.

Please join us this Thursday, May 12 for this discussion of Mystery Schools in modern times.

Talk to you Thursday!

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