Inventing and Weaponizing AIDS, Part 1 with David Rasnick

“One virus, HIV, is now being asked to explain a huge, discordant series of physical symptoms…. It is the most embarrassing example of second-rate science in decades.”

~ Jon Rappoport, AIDS Inc: Scandal of the Century

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Roughly four decades ago, the parties who most recently brought us Covid began laying down their pandemic infrastructure with AIDS, a “syndrome” soon said to have a single cause—a virus called HIV. The Solari Report’s longtime ally, Jon Rappoport, was one of the first to dive into the AIDS narrative’s inconsistencies—and so was this week’s Solari guest, David Rasnick, PhD.

A 1978 biochemistry graduate of Georgia Tech, Rasnick began his career in the diagnostics division of Abbott Laboratories (with what he learned about diagnostics informing later insights about the misuses of PCR testing), before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1980 to launch his own biotech company. Living in what rapidly became one of the first AIDS “hot spots,” Rasnick and fellow scientists were instantly intrigued by what seemed like the “Andromeda Strain” come to life.

It took Rasnick about a year to understand that the official story of HIV/AIDS was wrong, reaching this conclusion by using simple scientific logic and observation, which showed that AIDS was not behaving like a contagious disease. Things got even stranger when he pointed this out to his scientific peers; researchers he met with every month to talk science and share insights across disciplines categorically refused to question or even discuss AIDS, even though no scientific topic had ever previously been taboo.

From being “as mainstream a scientist as you could be,” Rasnick entered the fray of those fighting for scientific integrity, which he carries on to this day. Along the way, he developed close friendships and working relationships with others battling for scientific (and journalistic) integrity regarding HIV/AIDS—figures like Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis, and Celia Farber—also continuing to ask questions in other scientific arenas such as cancer…and coronavirus.

AIDS may seem like ancient history to some, but grasping what happened then—including our failure to stop the AIDS operation in its tracks—has everything to do with understanding the ongoing manipulation of pandemic cover stories used to generate profits and tighten central controls. More important, “HIV” could be coming back around—there is concern that the Covid injections’ ingredients will begin to trigger false positives on HIV PCR tests, providing cover for the immune deficiencies caused by the injections themselves.

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Join me for a fascinating conversation with a freedom-fighting scientist and entrepreneur who has never shied away from asking the difficult questions.

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