Catherine’s Presentation on Infowars Today

1. $21 Trillion Missing from US Accounts at DOD and HUD ($65,000 per person)

Complete government documentation and numbers available at our Missing Money website which includes wealth of articles on this top since 1998 when the money started to go missing

$21 Trillion in Missing Money

2. Let’s Enforce the Constitution To Get Our Money Back

Failure to balance and publish accounts represents a violation of the Appropriations Clause of Article I of the US Constitution by Executive Branch and Congress.

Solution: Enforce the Constitution:

2nd Quarter Wrap Up – Enforce the Constitution with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney – Now Public!

3. Con-Con is a Con – We Will Not Be Tricked Into It

Enforcing the Constitution gives us a mechanism to get any missing money and assets back and hold banks and contractors intentionally making illegal transactions accountable.

A Constitutional Convention gives the people who stole our money and assets the power to shred the Constitution, keep stolen money and double down on the stealing

American Suicide: Proposals for a Constitutional Amendments and Conventions with Dr. Edwin Viera

In my opinion this issue of the missing money is critical – I just saw an activist being financed with anonymous donations through Bitcoin roaming the country in an RV proposing that we do the “rape of Russia” plan in the US in 2020 – this is the plan used by the US intelligence agencies to consolidate ownership and control of Russia in the early ’90-s – millions died and the oligarchs got rich. The top investors would end up with the national forests for pennies on the dollar – very scary.

If your listeners understand, it will not work.

4. Putting the $21 Trillion Front & Center Protects American Citizens in the DC Budget and Tax Reform Negotiations

Putting the $21 Trillion missing money front and center can go a long way to protecting the interests of the general population in current and future budget and tax reform negotiations happening now and between the 2018 and 2020 elections

The general population is being attacked in the budget spin with “projective identification” – we are financially irresponsible, etc.

Critical to counter with hard facts and numbers and require that discussions be grounded in the facts of the law and finances rather than reality created from the conceptual yarns of Fake News.

Washington’s Response so Far?

HUD and DOD OIG took the documents off line. As we maintained original copies, we have maintained the publication on the website from our copies.

5. There is Lots You Can Do!

A. Talk with your state and local representatives about how we can enforce the US Constitution to get our money back and make sure your state legislators stop or repeal any effort to hold a CON-CON

B. Boycott the banks and companies that have been transacting and financing the government – if you are a shareholder demand an explanation from them – and patronize the honest local and regional banks and credit unions who have not!

How do You Enforce the Constitution When the Government is Breaking It?

Solari: Find a Local Bank

C. Go to town hall meetings with your Congressman and ask them how they intend to get your $65,000 back to finance lower taxes for you, your family and your business.

D. Lots more great ideas here:

Solution: Enforce the Constitution:

2nd Quarter Wrap Up – Enforce the Constitution with Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney – Now Public!