Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: July 4, 2019

~ Due to the holiday in the US on July 4th, the audio will post on Friday, July 5th ~

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Actionable Intelligence: Your Flack Jacket Against Fur Balls – Fur Balls, More Fur Balls, Fur Balls Everywhere You Turn
– Learning to differentiate between Entertainment, News and Actionable Intelligence
– Solari Mission: Actionable Intelligence for a Free and Inspired Life


  • The latest pronouncement of US Failure
  • McConnell Pronouncement on SS vs. Ice Raids – Direct Connection?
  • Trouble ahead on finalizing US FY2020 Budget
  • Mobile Park rent increases – Social Security Cola, Wall Street shenanigans
  • The Bitcoin Pump
  • More bad news from heartland impacting farmers and food supply
  • Is California preparing for a heavy fire season?
  • New Executive Order Establishing a White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing
  • KKR investing in housing flippers; investment capital running up housing markets
  • Harris Staged Hit on Biden – upstaged by Putin in FT interview – “liberal experiment is over”
  • Summer Meetings: G-20, Bohemian Grove
  • US-China Trade Negotiations to Continue
  • Will Vanguard move into private equity?
  • Can the investors cut out Wall Street at last?
  • Proposed Capital Gains Adjustments in US: Protecting the Wealthy from Currency Debasement
  • INSTEX goes live – and Europe heats up


Small Farmer & Author Joel Salatin
Former Pinterest Software Developer Eric Cochran

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