Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: July 11, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Powershifts in the Anglo-American Alliance


  • Africa Launches 55-Nation Trade Zone
  • China Trade Negotiations
  • China Requests US Cancel Taiwan $2.2B Arm Sales
  • Jeffrey Epstein Arrested – Data and Legal Process Centralization Underway 1-800-Call-FBI; Push on Acosta to accelerate deregulation
  • Bitcoin Pump – Market Cap still tiny – now $212B – now using more electricity than Switzerland
  • Missing Money: Taking Bonds Out of the Market
  • From Shale Producers to Housing Investment Purchases to Malls – Dollar Glut
  • Peter Navarro Interview: Dow 30,000+ is the target
  • Powell Testimony and New Fed Nominees
  • Lam Declares Hong Kong Extradition Bill is Dead
  • Deutsche Bank Lays off 18,000
  • Iran: More War Drumbeats
  • NY Fed Model: Probability of Recession
  • Fake Meritocracy: Carlson on Politicians Kids getting into Harvard and Yale (Gore-4/Housing Bubble) and headlines on Biden’s book contra
    cts and speaking fees (private prisons)/Relationship to Monopoly and rigged equity markets
  • China Lake Shut Down – Extensive Structural Damage
  • JP Morgan Owned Ship – $1 Billion of Cocaine
  • Israeli role in 5 Eyes and High Tech – What is Compromised?


14 Russian Submariners

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