Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: January 9, 2020


What Are You Going to do About the Beck Brothers?


  • US-China Rebalancing Continues – Win-Lose – Economist: “Since 2017 bilateral trade and direct investment flows are down 9% and 60%” – allies in flux
  • USA, France, Russia, etc: Managing, eroding or abrogating federal state and local pension and health care liabilities; Radio France Strike
  • Israel, Iran and the Middle East Vortex
  • USA: Co-ed Draft?
  • The Problem of Crying Wolf
  • Australia: Growing acreage burning. With 183 arson arrests, is a Kingsman arson scenario possible?
  • Brexit
  • Netherland Supreme Court Decision; Farmer Roll Backs vs Increase in Space Budget
  • The Big Bet on Space: Will the Win-Lose Compromise Space?
  • The Fake Food Roll Out:

  • Impossible Pork – Timing Re African Swine Fever
  • Lab Grown Fish
  • Make Magazine on Eating Insects
  • USA:

  • Land Rush, Operation Gladio, Sleeper Cells; Cybersecurity
  • Impeachment Process Grinds On
  • The Blossoming of 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in Virginia
  • The Division of the Methodist Church
  • US: Check with your CPA on opportunities to amend resulting from SECURE ACT; Check on local retirement accounts


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