Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: January 16, 2020


Abideth & the Common Law Right of Offset and Bully Mess


  • Why was Soleimani in Iraq – Alternative Allegations Multiply
  • Impeachment squeezing Trump: Goal is to start a war
  • UK Distances Itself from Trump and Soleimani Assasination
  • Secretary of DOD – “no specific evidence”
  • Netanyahu backpeddles
  • Trump says NATO should help in the Middle East
  • US-China Trade Deal: Political, not meaningful economics
  • Taiwan Election – Xi not having a good week either
  • Equity Market Highs
  • US Bankruptcy Court Ruling on Extinguishing Student Loans in Bankruptcy
  • HAL 9000: Delta’s Screen Technology & the Queen’s Birthday at the Gym
  • Hollywoods: Double Down on the Demonic – The Joker takes lead in Oscar Nominations; Irishman scores; Game of Thrones Fire from the Sky Scheme; Relative to Yellowstone
  • The Queen: One Tough Job;
  • FDA and NIH let clinical trial sponsors keep results secret and break the law
  • The Vaccine Summit; the Breakdown of Medicine
  • The Crying Wolf Problem; Farrell on the field moving fast
  • Pushback: Slate: The 30 Most Evil Tech Companies
  • NJ Legislature Beats Back Push to Cancel Religious Exemption
  • The Climate Change Op & the Darien Scheme
  • Macron Withdraws Proposal to Raise Retirement Age
  • WSJ: Putin Pushes Constitutional Change in Russia; Medvedev Resigns; Long term role internationally
  • Doubling of Knowledge; Speed of Events; Get Your Own House in Order
  • Post FASAB 56 – Big Banks: Biggest Profits Ever; Repo Rich!
  • Larry Fink and Blackrock double down on “be evil, be very evil” – Do you have money at Blackrock?
  • Brexit
  • European $1 Trillion Green Deal: Pushback/Hoover re: farmers, yellow jackets; Destroy the field; Blitzgrieg
  • Takeover model: Buying people into social suicide with their own money; Biowarfare example
  • German- Gold Restrictions
  • Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities & Virgina Development
  • Who can allocate time and money in the middle of the money tsunami
  • Australian Fires
  • Pelosi sends over impeachment article; case shored up; how big was Pelosi’s bonus


2019 Annual Wrap Up – Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology

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Judge Cecelia G. Morris of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Poughkeepsie, N.Y for her decision discharging student loans in bankruptcy

Also a mention to prior Hero of the Week: Joel Salatin

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The Global Harvest & What It Means to Investors