Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: February 6, 2020


The Unprecedented Risks in the Global Food Supply:

Bird flu, Swine flu, Chinese fish farms, quarantines, floods, locusts, biowarfare burgers, lab grown blob, climate change regs impacting farmers in Europe, rising bankrupcies in US farms, weird weather, potential decline in solar activity, shrinking bee and insect population, destruction documented in lawsuits against Bayer (Monsanto), significant rise in consumer costs. Citi fires bond trader for stealing food from canteen. Are large scale famines possible? How do we discern the truth when sources are classified or not reliable and prices are manipulated?


  • Dedollarization & Slowbalization
  • Davos and BIS on Banks, Blockchange & Cryptocurrencies – the push is on
  • Brexit: Significant Victory for Queen Elizabeth
  • The Impeachment
  • More on $95 Trillion of Accounting Adjustmments at DOD
  • Pompeo: China is Central Threat of Our Time
  • What we know about the coronavirus
  • Rappoport on pandemic ops
  • China: Bird flu virus following swine fever
  • Why did Russia close its border with China?
  • Vaccine Wars: Dr. Boyle warning against coronavirus vaccines
  • Supply Lines: What is the Plan for Manufacturing and Antibiotics, etc? See China RX.
  • Coronavirus – impact on trade, US dollar and global GDP – Is China in a dollar bear trap?
  • Dr. Farrell: Connections to Jeffrey Epstein, Harvard & Currency as Biowarfare.
  • Ad for Amazon’s Home Surveillance Device
  • Book Review: Lynne McTaggart: The Power of Eight


Unpacking Astonishing Financial Fraud with Lucy Komisar

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Scientific Support for the Power of Intention with Dr. William Tiller

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