Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: December 12, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Deep State Tactics 101 – FASAB 56, Operation Gladio, the Phoenix Program and Cointelpro and the Shredding of the Treaty of Westphalia and what it all means to your digital cybersecurity (shadownet = shadow work) and crime in your neighborhood

– Warning re: US Tax Sheltered Accounts – 401ks, IRAs


  • British Elections – Brexit is On
  • FT- Nato: Beijing’s growing influence poses challenges that “we need to address together as an alliance”
  • House Democrats Reach Agreement with White House on USMCA
  • Winter Storm: Delivers Snow to 30 States
  • Exxon Found Not Guilty of Fraud in Climate-Change Accounting Case
  • DC Furball
  • The Afghanistan”Failure”
  • Pentagon on Low-Grade Nuclear Weapons
  • NY Times documents – Afghanistan was a huge success
  • What would happen if your state had to run a trade surplus? US Trade Statistics
  • Congress authorizes and funds the US Space Force
  • Australian Fires – burned area of size of Hawaii


2nd Quarter 2019 Wrap Up – The State of Our Currency

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