Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: December 5, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Preparing for the New Year: Taxes, Regulatory Compliance, Inflation, Infrastructure Woes


  • The State of the Dollar
  • Aramco IPO
  • FT: US distressed debt flashes warning sign for investors – More than 200 bonds in junk-rated index are trading at levels implying severe strain
  • Totalitarian Tech: Chinese roll out of facial recognition; Dog robot soldiers open doors and climb stairs in Mass
  • Water, Electricity: The impact to small business and the economy of failing infrastructure
  • Long-Term Deflation Environment with Short Term Inflation of Household Goods
  • Fed Proposes New Rule to Let Inflation Run Hot
  • Frustration with DC Political Furball – nothing is getting done; Pelosi orders Impeachment articles
  • Assault on the Nuremberg Code: Vaccination mandates in Samoa; push in New York for mandates and to end home schooling


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