Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: October 11th, 2018

By Catherine Austin Fitts


    Space: Here We Go!

  • Richard Branson announces that first Virgin Galactic space flight is weeks away. Private citizens taking private citizens into space.


  • Global markets trade off sharply – lets list the fears.
  • Silk Road – Roadway from Yellow Sea in Eastern China – Lianyungang to St Petersburg – Lorries can drive in 10 Days; DB Eurasia division – goal of transporting 100,000 standard containers a year by 2020.
  • New US China Policy Announced by VP Pence
  • More China Spy Chip Stories
  • Hong Kong Takes Side: No Navy Ships; FT Reporter Booted
  • The Build Act: $60 Billion for Africa & the Silk Road
  • AI Super power competition pits DC vs Local; Verizon Turns on 5G in Houston, LA, Sacramento & Indianapolis – What’s Next?
  • Kavanaugh Vote & Impact on Mid-term US Elections
  • UnAnswered Questions re: the Anglo American alliance – Purge Rumours.Did British and US Intel attempt regime change in the US?
    Did Kavanaugh distraction keep a lid on FISA Revelations?
  • Italian Debt and the Future of the Euro
  • Challenges in the Derivatives Market
  • Brexit: Closer to a deal?
  • PPG and Starbucks in play
  • Haley out – Ivanka says no, is Powell in?
  • Putin’s Pension Woes
  • Swamp Drama: Are DOJ/FBI being cleaned out? Where does Mueller stand?


Kelley Ashby, Rand Paul’s wife for courageous letter and interviews on ending the violence and physical dangers that US legislators face

Let’s Go to the Movies

Dark Money

Subscriber Charts: October 10, 2018

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Set Three: Global Health Care, Europe, Germany, Greece, $ US Dollar, Fixed Income: 20 Year Treasury, 7-10 Year Treasury, Aggregate Treasury

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