Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: May 16, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Theme: The Difference Between a Heartbeat and Silence

“I can remind myself, all day long every day, that there’s a difference between doing something and doing nothing. That “something,” small as it might seem, is not “nothing.” The space between them is far apart, limitless stretching distances apart. It’s the difference between a heartbeat and silence.” ~ Margaret Renkel, “Surviving in Spite of Extinction”


  • US-China Trade Negotiations
  • Gunlach on Corporate Bond Market
  • The Venezuela Goof #3
  • Iran’s Oil Exports
  • California Sex Education Video
  • How Long Do We Have?
  • 2018 Annual Wrap Up
  • Russian Orthodox Church state on vaccinations and informed consent
  • Hotel Auchwitz vs. The Nuremberg Code and Principles
  • European Elections
  • Operation Blue Beam: Jesus over Argentina
  • Dallas Police execute Search Warrant on the Catholic Diocese of Dallas


Robert F. Kennedy Jr – Enduring betrayals by your family

Let’s Go to the Movies:

Fiat Empire

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