Catherine’s Money & Markets Report: May 9, 2019

~ Raw audios will post late on the evening of Thursday, May 9 – final audios and chapters will post on Friday, May 10 ~

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Listening to the Drumbeats of War from the Other Side of the World
– Attacking on 3 or more fronts at once: Can this work?

  • China’s Belt and Road Initiative forum in Beijing end of April expands scope – from infrastructure to services, technology (Read 5G?) and international governance
  • Chinese railroads continue to build out connecting up the Europe-Asia-Africa land empire
  • WSJ – Debt renegotiations do not support theory that China playing a predatory lender game on One Belt
  • US Iranian oil sanctions bite China, India
  • Asian finance ministers increase swap capacity; lessen dollar dependence
  • US-China Trade Talks Continue, on sour note
  • US announce increase in tariffs; China refuses IP details and enforcement – suprises USTR and Mnuchin
  • Putin gives go ahead on Moscow St Pete high speed rail design
  • Iran gives Nuclear Deal Signatories 60 Days to Protect Against US Sanctions or it will resume high level uranium enrichment; EU rejects ultimatum but affirms creation of separate payment mechanism
  • More US capacity sails and flies to Persian Gulf
  • Societies who live in “objective based realities” rejecting Empire “make our own reality” – “Americans can not make and keep a deal”



    • EU Elections and Brexit Rangling
    • FT: Dutch finance minister Wopke Hoekstra – EU risks implosion – anti-technocracy backlash – Norway + Switzerland not joining EU and Sweden and Denmark not joining euro and Brits are leaving.
    • Suspicious Notre Dame 2016 Real Estate Proposal
    • US:

    • Democratic Terror & the Attack on Barr signal serious criminal liabilities may be uncovered by investigation of Russian dossier funded by FBI and Clinton campaign
    • WSJ Poll – 17% if Americans want Congress to begin impeachment; 48% move; 32% keep investigating.
    • The ninth circuit federal appeals court rules with US administration – can continue returning migrants to Mexico while requests for asylum are adjudicated.
    • Moore’s editorial – My Brush With Personal Destruction
    • Chevron bows out of Occidental Bidding War for Anadarko and its Permian Basin assets
    • Rise in mainstream coverage of UFOs – What is this about?


    Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson for exercising Truth in Labeling Laws regarding lab grown meat

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