Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: July 5th, 2018

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Here are stories in Money & Markets, published Thursday, July 5, 2018.

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Theme: The Cafes of Vienna: Living Well in a Multipolar World

Top Stories:

  • July: A month of summits
  • Record Mega Mergers & Acquisitions: $2.5 Trillion
  • Trade Wars
  • US- China Rebalancing
  • Dollar Bear Trap – its happening
  • Merkel & May: Struggling with immigration and Brexit
  • Warning in 1st Q Wrap Up 2017 – Pigfest – buying the country with portion of missing money
  • Preliminary appropriations done – Here comes the Bohemian Grove
  • Fintech: Now 36% of US Personal Loans
  • The Swamp Drama: Glencore subpoena – Question: connected to Clinton Foundation investigation?
  • Kennedy Resigns: Supreme Court Appointment Coming
  • Ross Ulbrict Petition Denied by Supreme Court; Move to Clemency Effort
  • Tsunami of Disinfo: Hope Porn, Fear Porn
  • from Mint: QAnon: ‘trust the plan’ has become the sequel to ‘hope and change’
  • Proposed White House Reorganization of US Government
  • Post Office Piratization
  • Attack on OPM
  • White out on big issues
  • Turning the US into a “white collar speed trap” – Compliance and the AI Invasion
  • Censored by The Root in 20 minutes! Wow!
  • Kiplinger: Next 8 Jobs to be Replaced by Robots

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