Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: January 10, 2019

By Catherine Austin Fitts


US Plays Chicken with Reserve Currency: With FASAB 56 and without Mattis and Kelly, Trump threatens to declare national emergency.


  • The Wall and the Shutdown: The Risks of Earning Money from a Negative Return on Investment Process
  • Harry Reid’s Parting Shot
  • Caveat Emptor – FASAB 56: Stories Growing
  • Small Business Confidence Declines
  • China declares intention to takeover Taiwan
  • The EU Defense Fund & the Push for a European Military
  • European Elections in March
  • Brexit: Hard Brexit or Referendum?
  • Yellow Vests Call for Bank Boycott
  • What’s Up with Kim’s Sudden Resignation at World Bank?
  • China Lowers Treasury Positions
  • China Lands on the Far Side of the Moon
  • Japanese court rejects bid by former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn
  • Technocracy and the New Democrats: Climate Change gets ready to push for radically greater central control
  • The Disinformation Epidemic: Tracking actual resource allocation vs. covert gossip/ Positive return on investment vs entertainment


Christian Bale

Runner Up: Tucker Carleson’s Brilliant Rant about Families and the Economy

Coming Up: Hero of 2019 – Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Anniversary

Let’s Go to the Movies

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Subscriber Charts Close of January 9, 2019:

Set One: Asia, Commodities, Precious Metals and Brazil

Set Two: Emerging Markets, Europe-Asia-Australia, Frontier, India, International Equities, International Equities Minus U.S.

Set Three: Global Health Care, Europe, Germany, Greece, $ US Dollar, Fixed Income: 20 Year Treasury, 7-10 Year Treasury, Aggregate Treasury

Set Four: US Robotics, US Domestics, US Home Builders, S&P 500 Large Cap, Dow Jones REIT, US Real Estate, S&P 500, High Yield Bond, US Dollar, Gold Miners