Catherine’s Money & Markets Commentary: August 2nd, 2018

By Catherine Austin Fitts


Disaster Bull: Fires, heat waves, floods, rock slides, sinkholes, what else can go wrong? The double down on “thermal gentrification” is unfolding – what it means to you.


  • Bohemian Grove Hints
  • Fed Meeting & Interest Rates Unchanged
  • Bank of England Raises Rates
  • Appointments of US Appeals Court Judge & Fed Governors
  • Apple Market Cap hits $1 Trillion – 16 Countries have GDP of $1 Trillion or More
  • Official growth stats – US growing at 4.1%
  • New Missing Money Spins – growth so good will pay down US debt
  • Iran Wardrums
  • Iran Sacks Central Bank Governor; Announce cryptocurrency
  • Swamp Drama
  • Trade war Intensifies
  • US Airlines Cave to China’s Demands on Tibet and Taiwan
  • Chinese Nix Qualcomm/NXP Deal & Facebook
  • Google: Special Search Engine for China?
  • New Tariffs on Chinese Imports
  • More on Piratization

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Let’s Go to the Movies

Netflix’s Trump: An American Dream

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