Catherine on Blackrock Larry’s Fink’s 2018 Letter to CEOs

From Dillon Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits

By Catherine Austin Fitts

All real solutions depend on individual accountablity. Since Fink and Blackrock rose to become one of the largest asset managers on a sea of organized crime, money laundering and fraudulent securities, the thing that would be most useful from/for Blackrock would be a well documentated paper and analytics that showed how they got to the top. I have personal experience. They were a co-litigant on the Hamilton Securities litigation. The guys who I worked directly with at Blackrock got the boot and started Fortress.

Now that Fink is at the top, there are several pressures on him and his operation:

1. The G-7 governance structure wants to run operations and assets through corporations rather than governments. They can not do that unless the corporate brand is accepted as the primary sovereign enterprise – that has not happened and so it is a matter of evolving the model until it is figured out and the population is supportive of doing so. Or 5G and mind control do the trick and persuade young people that corporations can solve the problem, rather than corporations are often creating and profiting on many of the problems.

2. Fink understands that when corporate earnings depend on a negative return on investment to taxpayers and environmental destruction, there is a problem. I doubt he knows what to really do. And the last thing he intends to do is cut his profits and cash flows that may directly or indirectly relate to organized crime, money laundering and fraudulent securities. But he figures he can at least start a conversation – and if he does not, he is going to fail in his marketing to millennials and women.

Is he sincere? No, he just knows he has a marketing and business problem if it does not at least look like he is trying to do something. The relationship between the Dow and the Popsicle Index is growing more negative as corporations scramble to maintain their growth at rates significantly higher than the GNP. The people above him want the corporate model brand figured out and sold. The people below him are sick of watching people and the economy harmed by a non-alignment between the Dow and the Popsicle Index. That means Blackrock can create socially responsible ETFs, attract lots of money and reinvest in the same old players. It’s a business.

Fink, being a smart guy, sees the squeeze and is going to get ahead of it. Whatever happens, he can blame it on the CEOs. He, at least, is doing his system wide thinking bit. And if the Democrats win in 2020, he is still angling for Secretary of the Treasury.

File under the category “having your cake and eating it too.”

Notice he is not calling for the $21 trillion missing from DOD and HUD to be found.…that would not be good for the stock market.

Coming into the 2020 elections, everyone is going to be a Popsicle Index kinda guy.