Food for the Soul: New York Big Five – The Frick

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres – Portrait de Comtesse D’Haussonville (1845). The Frick Collection, New York. Photo: ©The Frick Collection, Wikimedia Commons By Nina Heyn – Your Culture Scout So many people love the experience of visiting New


How To: Avoid Car Trouble

by: James Quaid Avoiding added expenses in this time of runaway inflation is imperative. If you own a motorized vehicle of any type, repairs can be very expensive. Doing regular inspections and maintenance is the

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Water Solutions II

Other Water Harvesting Methods: by: James Quaid This is the 2nd in our Water Solution Series. We’re going to be exploring Fog Fences and Solar Stills. These solutions are used typically in arid mountainous areas

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Water Solutions I

This is the first in our series on Water Solutions. by: James Quaid One of the main reasons we are a “First World” country is due to our sanitation and water infrastructure. Any degradation of


Food for the Soul – Money on Canvas

The Payment of Dues. Georges de la Tour, 1630-35. Lviv Art Gallery, Ukraine (until 1940 – Lwów Art Gallery, Poland), ex Lubomirski collection. Photo: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. By Nina Heyn – Your Culture