BestEvidence Now Has a Substack

By: John Titus I’ve started this substack as a workaround for YouTube’s systematic failure to notify my subscribers that I’ve posted new videos on my channel, BestEvidence. I got this idea from a YouTube viewer:


Using Cash

By the Solari Team We receive many questions about using cash. We encourage subscribers to share their successful and unsuccessful experiences with using cash—as many already have. Your feedback indicates that telling merchants why you


Letter in Support of Responsible Fintech Policy

Dear U.S. Congressional Leadership, Committee Chairs and Ranking Members, We are 1500 computer scientists, software engineers, and technologists who have spent decades working in these fields producing innovative and effective products for a variety of


Paris Exhibitions, Spring 2022

After two years, Paris is again full of American tourists. You hear them everywhere—on the streets and in the museums and Metro subway. This means that all the exhibitions I was planning to scout out


Food for the Soul: Faces of Tuscany

By Nina Heyn – Your Culture Scout In Florentine museums and churches, there is an endless parade of Madonnas and altar compositions of the Holy Family, which have somewhat lost their religious impact after so


Food for the Soul: Nina’s Euro Blog

April 7 … I’m starting my trek through Europe from Warsaw – the epicenter of Poland’s support of the waves of Ukrainian refugees. Close to 2,5 million of them went through Polish borders, either on


Going Off-Grid: Risks and Rewards

by: the Solari Staff Introduction Twenty years ago, installing your own Off-Grid Alternative Energy system of any type was totally unregulated. Those days are gone. If you live in a state that has a large