Unanswered Question: Is Canada Being Run with Mercenaries?

“The reappearance of private armies is a harbinger of a wider trend in international relations: the emergence of neomedievalism….The erosion of the taboo against mercenarism heralds a shift in this world order, from the state-centric Westphalian system back to the status quote ante of the Middle Ages. The medieval system was not dominated by states but was polycentric in nature, with authority diluted and shared among state and non-state actors alike. States were just another actor on a crowded state, and no one had a monopoly of force to enforce their will. Instead, there was a free market of force, and actors – kings, popes, princes, city-states, rich families and so on – commonly employed mercenaries to settle disputes in contract warfare.” ~ Sean McFate

By Catherine Austin Fitts

A long-time ally in Ottawa reported yesterday regarding the picture above:

“Additionally, these are the goons that have appeared on the scene in Ottawa.  No identification, no arm patches, no identifiable law enforcement agency.  There are no law enforcement groups or military in Canada that operate that way.  We are under UN occupation right now.”

I have had multiple reports that these soldiers are making highly visible “arrests” and then driving the arrested out of town and letting them go. Which argues that whomever is doing the arrests may not have authority to process arrests.

There have been reports of UN-marked planes landing before the arrests began. This would be compatible with UN contractors—corporate mercenaries such as Dyncorp—being used to handle the “beat down.” If this is the case, it means the banks do not trust the Canadian military and police to do the job. As the banks freeze accounts without court order, they can claim, “the government made us do it.”

At this time, Canadian lawmakers have voted to extend the federal government’s emergency powers, granting prime minister Trudeau emergency powers to prevent new blockades by those opposed to Covid-19 restrictions. Lawmakers in the country’s House of Commons voted 185 to 151 to affirm the powers on Monday night.

Fox News: Canada’s House of Commons votes to extend Trudeau’s emergency powers

Was the presence of private mercenaries used to threaten the safety of House of Common’s lawmakers and their families, or did the banks simply sweeten their bank accounts?

In order for the act to be fully passed, it must also face a vote in the Canadian Senate. A debate in the Canadian Senate is expected to start on Tuesday morning. If you are a Canadian citizen, please support your legislators to vote no despite the unprecedented political pressure on them to support Mr. Global.

The link below is a google map that identifies everyone in Ontario that has donated to the Truckers’ protest. Funny how that happens.

Convoy Donors Just Ontario This link disappeared just after this story was posted, an amazing coincidence.

If the Canadian Senate approves the emergency powers, will Canadians find mercenary soldiers at their doors implementing the “mandate du jour”?

Russia’s recognition of Ukraine regions asserting independence is now being used as a pretext to warn regarding cyberwarfare against the banks. You know, like the cyberwarfare simulation that Israel just led for the IMF. The IMF is the international organization that will gather wholly new powers if the ID 2020 or Vaccine Passports go into effect along with CBDC and an all-digital financial system.

Each day brings a new lie designed to make the world safe for the owners of the central banks and their banking tentacles.

Please say prayers for the people of Canada.


Were the banks experiencing a run? New announcement that the bank freeze has been halted. Instead, the bankers want to be able to have a total control grid.

OK, now Trudeau has revoked the Emergency Powers. That, however, is it for the Canada banking system. No future there. If you live in Canada, start a community currency. You are better off with your money in the “people’s bank.”

EXCLUSIVE IMF, 10 countries simulate cyberattack on global financial system

NWO MASKS OFF: Trudeau Drops Canada Into Military Dictatorship; Seizes Control Of Citizens’ Bank Accounts and If Government Suspects Convoy Donations

He promised you rainbows and tolerance and he gave you snipers and frozen bank accounts.