Book Review: Why We Get Sick by Benjamin Bikman, PhD

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Every day, the reasons to take charge of our health care grow. So do the benefits of preventive health care. This book can help. I read it because one subscriber kept pestering me to read and review it.

In Why We Get Sick, scientist and pathophysiology professor Benjamin Bikman explores why insulin resistance has become so prevalent and why it matters. Indeed, reducing insulin resistance has the potential to significantly reduce a wide array of chronic diseases. According to Bikman, over half the adults in the United States are insulin-resistant.

Bikman explains what is happening and why. He then explains what each of us can do to identify and reverse insulin resistance, offering practical suggestions for diet, exercise, and daily living.

If you are worried about Covid-19, you are likely worried about a statistically insignificant health risk. Bikman explains a health risk that is statistically very significant. That means it is worth worrying about—and worth considering the plan that Bikman puts forward, which many of us could benefit from integrating.

This is a good book, well written and quite useful—a serious reminder that we have the power to stop poisoning ourselves.

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