Book Review: Virus Mania by Torsten Engelbrecht & Claus Köhnlein

“For endless war, you must have an enemy who cannot be caught, who is completely vaporous, therefore necessitating nonstop aggressive emergency measures…. The perfect enemy for a state that seeks endless war and strives forever to pull the wool over the eyes of its own citizens for purposes of endless robbery and implementing slavery where freedom previously existed would be an enemy who cannot, under any circumstances, ever be caught. …In the literal sense, this perfect enemy does not exist, which makes [it] perfect for a society determined to make war, because [it] will never be caught and the war can continue forever. The harder an enemy is to find and defeat, the better it is for those who seek to profit from the staged campaign to destroy that enemy.” ~ John Kaminski, The Perfect Enemy
(Credit to Sofia Smallstorm’s excellent newsletter for bringing this book and quote to our attention)

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In preparation for my interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan on the fallacies of germ theory, I read Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense by German journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and German internal medicine doctor Claus Köhnlein.

In Virus Mania, Engelbrecht and Köhnlein review reality versus official reality for avian flu (H5N1), cervical cancer (HPV), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), hepatitis C, AIDS, and polio, proving once again that the corruption in the health sciences and medicine is as extraordinary as it is in the financial system. Indeed, the two industries are intimately involved in helping each other engage to their mutual benefit.

Remember Bill Cosby’s routine “The Chicken Heart that Ate Up New York City?” The virus routine works in pretty much the same way:

-Oh, no! There is a dangerous invisible virus. (Be afraid, be very afraid.)
-It is coming to kill you. (Be afraid, be very afraid.)
-It will kill millions! (Be afraid, be very afraid.)
-In fact, everyone you know and love could die. (Be afraid, be very afraid.)
-We are counting explosive deaths all across the [city, country, world]. (Be afraid, be very afraid.)
-Wait, you can be safe if you do what we say. (Be afraid, be very afraid if you don’t do what we say.)
-Now take our drug, let us inject you with our toxic cocktail. (Ah, Hope!)

The scientists who create the most fear—generating the largest profits and capital gains—get the biggest awards and are declared heroes.

Covid-19 did not just happen. It is the “Big One,” building on many efforts over many years of using viruses—real and unreal—as the perfect invisible enemy. Presumably, the scientific and medical frauds will continue until the playbook stops working. Let’s hope it stops working sooner rather than later.

Engelbrecht and Köhnlein published Virus Mania in 2007, hopeful that their work would educate the general population about the fallacies of germ theory and build support for science and medicine to move toward fact-based analysis. As we can see, events have led in the opposite direction for now. This means that Engelbrecht and Köhnlein’s work is even more important today.

If you want a deeper dive on the fallacies of germ theory, this is a good one.

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