Book Review: The Finance Curse by Nicholas Shaxson

“The planning group recommended that we expand our business into merchant banking. This means managing money in venture investment by starting and growing new companies or taking controlling interests in existing companies, including ‘leveraged buy-outs.’ Rather than serving companies who needed to raise money by issuing securities, or make markets in existing securities, we were going to start raising money so we could create, buy and trade companies. A company was no longer a customer. They were now a target. Wall Street was its own customer who would raise money to buy companies who would work for us. This required new people with new skills.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts on Wall Street in 1981, “Brady, Bush, Bechtel & the ‘Boys,'” Dillon, Read & Co. Inc & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Nicholas Shaxson is a British journalist. He is the author of Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World and Poisoned Wells: The Dirty Politics of African Oil. He is a leading expert on tax havens and financial corruption. Many Solari Report subscribers know him from his interview in The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire, an excellent documentary on the offshore financial system.

Shaxson’s latest book, The Finance Curse: How Global Finance Is Making Us All Poorer, was published in 2019. It does a superlative job of describing what I call “the negative return on investment economy.” Shaxson’s strength is investigating and documenting excellent examples of this phenomenon—how financial players are systematically centralizing control in a manner that generates unnecessary inequality and poverty.

What has been happening for some time is a financial coup d’état. In the process, the large financial interests have captured most of our governments and educational and civic institutions. If we are going to do something about it, it helps to understand how financially demonic the G7 financial system has become.

Shaxson finished this book before the G7 central bankers voted for the Going Direct Reset in August 2019 and proceeded to orchestrate plague laws to help them engineer the next round of central control.

If you want to understand why it is essential to take back our governments and courts from the central bankers before they use vaccine passports to engineer “taxation without representation,” Shaxson can give you lots of fascinating examples.

The Finance Curse is first-rate reporting by a talented and brilliant writer.

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