Book Review: Killing Sustainability by Lawrence M. Heim

To many executives, the word sustainability is a cue to stop listening. One way to begin changing the perception of sustainability is to stop using the word.” ~ Lawrence M. Heim

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Anyone who has ever grappled with applying ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) criteria to an actual company, competitive operations and a living, breathing, busy group of employees will understand why I say this book is a gem. Written by a seasoned environmental auditor, Killing Sustainability: blunt truths about corporate sustainability/social responsibility failures and how to avoid them offers sound, practical advice to leadership looking for an intelligent approach to a young and dangerously technocractic but important trend.

Working out how to be a good corporate citizen in a complex, risky world is a challenging task. Heim just made it easier. Given the explosion of interest and published standards in ESG, this book is highly recommended.

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Killing Sustainability

Lawrence M. Heim, CPEA