Book Review: “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022 by Edward Dowd

A picture is worth a thousand words.” ~ Advertising adage

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The Solari team created our Covid-19 forms to help people push back. Is someone in your family planning on taking an injection without doing due diligence? Is your spouse insisting that your children have the injection without realizing the risks? Is your child’s school mandating injections, and you need to negotiate in a manner that holds them accountable and creates a way for your child to get an education exempted from mandates? Is your employer trying to force health mandates on you?

If you are pushing back or trying to protect someone from making an uniformed decision, “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022 by Ed Dowd is an excellent addition to your efforts to successfully communicate the dangers of mRNA and other Covid injections. Can’t persuade your family to stop taking injections? Consider making a bulk purchase. This book has the potential to break through the trance.

Dowd and his colleagues have done a fine job of digging out statistics on the rise in all-cause mortality since the Covid injection program started. The book combines the dry statistics, well laid out in graphs and charts, with numerous pictures—overwhelming in their impact on the reader—of healthy young people who have “died suddenly.”

The book description says it all:

What is killing healthy young Americans? 2020 saw a spike in deaths in America, smaller than you might imagine during a pandemic, some of which could be attributed to COVID and to initial treatment strategies that were not effective. But then, in 2021, the stats people expected went off the rails. The CEO of the OneAmerica insurance company publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40 percent higher than it was before the pandemic. Significantly, the majority of the deaths were not attributed to COVID. A 40 percent increase in deaths is literally earth-shaking. Even a 10 percent increase in excess deaths would have been a 1-in-200-year event. But this was 40 percent. And therein lies a story—a story that starts with obvious questions:

  • What has caused this historic spike in deaths among younger people?
  • What has caused the shift from old people, who are expected to die, to younger people, who are expected to keep living?

Cause Unknown” is an important addition to the growing evidence of mass atrocity. A tip of the hat to Dowd, his colleague Josh Stirling, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and the Children’s Health Defense and Skyhorse Publishing partnership that published this valuable contribution.

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“Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022