Book Review: Breath – The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

“Modern research in pulmonology, psychology, biochemistry, and human physiology is showing us that making even slight adjustments to the way we inhale and exhale can help jump-start athletic performance, rejuvenate internal organs, halt snoring, allergies, asthma, and some autoimmune disease, and even straighten spines. …None of this should be possible, and yet it is.” ~ James Nestor

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I had a business call last week with an advisor who had been referred to me by a colleague. I joined a video call and got a view of a person who radiates health and energy.

He immediately let me know that he also practiced the Wim Hof Method—he had seen that Wim had been named Solari Hero of the Year for 2021. One of the fascinating things about doing the Wim Hof Method is that you quickly plug into one of the most amazing networks of people I have yet discovered.

My contact then explained that he had suffered for many years from sleep apnea and had to sleep with a CPAP machine. He said all that changed when he read James Nestor’s book Breath. Putting into practice what he learned from the book, my contact cured his sleep apnea and taught himself how to breathe properly. Given his energy and intelligence, I decided I needed to move Breath—purchased last year—up to the top of my “to read” pile.

After suffering from numerous chronic health problems, James Nestor, too, tried breathing exercises. With some remarkable results, he decided to learn everything he could about the science, history, and art of breathing. The book is the result of a decade of him exploring everything we know about breath and what our experience tells us is the best way to breathe.

It turns out that mankind’s breathing practices have deteriorated. But it is possible for each of us to change that—we can teach ourselves to breathe better. If we do, good breathing habits have the potential to make an enormous difference to our health and outlook.

In a nutshell, Nestor concludes that there are several characteristics to the most successful breathing practices:

  • Breathe through your nose.
  • Breathe deeply and practice a long exhale.
  • The ideal combination is a 5.5-second breath in, and a 5.5-second exhale out—doing that set 5.5 times per minute.

As Nestor comes to those conclusions, he includes a fascinating review of numerous methods and discoveries as well as some detailed tours of nasal passages that are not for the squeamish.

I will be adding this book to the Health category in Best Books for 2022 in our 2021 Annual Wrap Up.

If you want to be healthy and avoid the medical cartel in 2022, I recommend this book as an invaluable companion piece to The Wim Hof Method.

Read it, take a deep breath, with a long exhale, and smile as the pathway to vibrant health opens before you.

Author’s website is here.

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