Blast from the Past: Week of September 25, 2023: The Skidmore Weather Management Bibliography

How much of weather modification is real remains difficult to tell, even for those who daily watch their gridded skies and chemtrail prisons. It may be hard for the average observer to believe how advanced and widespread the technology is, but seen with the eyes of an economist, things take on a different look.

A Primer on Weather and Climate Intervention for Economists (April 2019) by Scott Knowles and Mark Skidmore, Michigan State University

In this bibliography, Prof. Skidmore has provided an overview of weather modification and geoengineering technologies that have been in use and in development for 60 years, and he is asking: Why aren’t more economists interested in evaluating weather and climate intervention activities?


Changing Climate and Weather/Climate Modification Techniques: Beneficial Application and Potential for Abuse. Presentation given to D4CE by Dr. Mark Skidmore

Scott Knowles & Mark Skidmore. “Using weather modification to subdue severe weather.” Chapter 18 in: Mark Skidmore (ed.), Handbook on the Economics of Disasters, pages 389-399, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022.

Prof. Mark Skidmore’s Lighthouse Economics website

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