Blast from the Past: Week of September 18, 2023: Living History

Living history is the way to understand ourselves and those we love within the flow of time. ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Living History

Our Blast from the Past is one of those overlooked articles by Catherine—written in 2006 as a book foreword and composed over many years of distilled learning and insight—that, when read again, suddenly reemerge with awesome clarity and timeliness. Please read and contemplate it more than just once.

When we learn about history and how the world really worked in the past and works in the now, we gain the faculty to convert ourselves from an observer to a player. What is the fabric of time, space, money (=energy), and human thought in which we move and act, and out of which we have emerged from generations before us who were themselves weavers of reality?

Each of us can say, “I am part of a great story and that story is not over yet—I have something to say about how it goes.” ~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Combine this with “Why I am an Optimist”. Then go out and begin to affect reality by participating in the field!

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