Blast from the Past: Week of August 22, 2022: The Lake Constance Hang…that Covid Canceled

While we are having a blast at the Bregenz Festival this year, enjoying the opera on the lake and additional orchestral concerts, we felt that our Blast from the Past this week should be about the Hang that Never Happened but we should have had—our planned gathering in August 2020 that had to be canceled due to Covid regulations.

Gatherings can also take place in hearts and minds, in the “quantum space” of future potential. So, we still revel in thoughts about the Lake Constance Hang, and the profound intelligence, new ideas, and happy encounters it was going to provide.

Take a look at the website we created back then and join us in dreaming up a great future.

Lake Constance Hang Website

PDF-Brochure that was going to be handed out to participants