Blast from the Past: Week of August 1, 2022: The Technocracy Reports with Patrick Wood

Dovetailing with next week’s interview with Dr. Jacob Nordangård on “Engineering the Global Coup” and a new Special Solari Report with Patrick Wood are our prior Solari Reports on technocracy with Patrick M. Wood.

Please make sure to listen to these two 2019 interviews to fully appreciate the acceleration of events since the “implementation” of a global pandemic and its rules that impact governance, surveillance, banking, food markets, and more.

Patrick Wood is one of the foremost authors making visible and comprehensible the extent to which an invisible and centralized global technocracy has taken hold of world affairs.

Technocracy with Patrick M. Wood


Opportunity Zones: Prototyping Community Technocracy with Patrick Wood


Book Review: Technocracy Rising – The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation