Best of The Solari Report: The 2017 Wrap Ups

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Best of The Solari Report: The 2017 Wrap Ups
Best of The Solari Report: The 2017 Wrap Ups

“What is relevant is what solves the problem. If we had thought through real relevancies, we would be on Sirius by now.” ~ Sir Peter Medawar

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In the last two weeks of each December, we revisit the very best Solari Reports of the year.

This is an opportunity for new subscribers to discover some of the finest Solari Reports published this year. For existing subscribers, it helps you to make sure you don’t miss the materials that we build on for our 2017 Annual Wrap Up which we will publish in January 2018.

This week on The Solari Report, we look back at our Annual and Quarterly Wrap Ups for 2017.

  • January: 2016 Annual Wrap Up: The Global Harvest & What It Means to Investors
  • April: 1st Quarter 2017 Wrap Up: The Clash of Civilization: Can a new administration preserve a prosperous economy without more debt, crime and war?
  • July: 2nd Quarter 2017 Wrap Up: Enforce the Constitution or You Might as Well Kiss Your Money Goodbye!
  • October: 3rd Quarter 2017 Wrap Up: Control 101: What it is. How it’s used. How you can guard against it.


In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest financial and geopolitical news. On the top of my list are the latest on US tax reform and the astonishing breakthrough developments in the Bundy prosecution and what it may mean to the Uranium One scandal and the 2018 elections.

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