3rd Quarter Wrap Up – Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology

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3rd Quarter Wrap Up – Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology
3rd Quarter Wrap Up – Equity Overview & Rambus Chartology

“So long as stocks DO go up, nothing big is ever going to change, You say you want a revolution? You’re a MAGA guy and you want someone to drain the Swamp? You’re a Bernie Bro and you want the rich to “pay their fair share”? Well, good luck with any of that so long as stocks go up. It’s a very stable political equilibrium we have today, full of Sturm und Drang to provide a bit of amusement and distraction, but very stable for the Haves” ~ Ben Hunt, “Sheep Logic

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday I will present the third segment of the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up, which is my overview of financial markets year-to-date combined with the third 2017 Blockbuster Chartology from Rambus.  We will discuss what has happened this year and what the charts and outstanding technical analysis from Rambus indicate about current markets for the US dollar and global fixed income and equity, as well as for precious metals.

You can follow along with the 2017 charts in the “Financial Market Round Up”section in the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up web presentation and with links to the latest Blockbuster Chartology. You will be able to link back to find all the Rambus quarterly reports over the last two years.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, take some time this coming week to watch the History Channels documentary on directed energy weapons. The  documentary provides a general introduction to this type of weaponry. Directed energy weapons are often discussed in connection with unanswered questions regarding the 2001 destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center.  There is renewed interest in connection with growing unanswered questions regarding unnatural fires this year in Northern California, Greece and elsewhere.

It’s the last week of the month so no Money & Markets.

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