3rd Quarter 2023 Wrap Up: The “AI Revolution”: The Final Coup d’Etat? with Whitney Webb

In examining the writings of some of the most influential architects of the coming AI ‘revolution,’ it becomes clear that this revolution has been carefully designed, and is being carefully directed, to undo past revolutions—particularly those that saw the rise of free societies and the free flow of information.”
~ Whitney Webb

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, investigative reporter Whitney Webb joins me at long last to discuss her musings on the “AI Revolution” as the Final Coup d’Etat. This is a wide-ranging discussion.

We start with the leadership promoting and steering AI development and what they have said publicly about how they intend to use AI. We explore the fusion of Big Tech with the military-intelligence complex, which has financed private development with trillions in taxpayer dollars and central bank largesse. This includes multiple connections to the Epstein network that Whitney has investigated for years, resulting in her two-volume blockbuster, One Nation Under Blackmail. AI is part of the technology package that delivers control to the mob. We also examine the competition and cooperation with China and the relationship of AI to the push for financial transaction control with digital IDs and CBDCs.

It does not need to be this way. But right now, this is the way it is headed. We discuss our responsibility to walk away—to remove our use and dependency on the companies that are leading this push. Whitney shares her concerns about engineered cyberattacks and the importance of our accessing and downloading the information we need now from the Internet. It may not always be there. Finally, she discusses why she is optimistic in the long run but concerned about the damage that the rollout of AI to fuel exponential centralization can do.

Webb is always brilliant and insightful and is one of the top investigative journalists of our day. As we track the impact of AI and its developers, we are delighted to share her insights on AI’s role in the geopolitical power mix and in the future of human consciousness.

Money & Markets:

In Money & Markets this week, John Titus and I will cover the latest events and continue to discuss the financial and geopolitical trends we are tracking in 2023—and the pushback rocking and rolling us around the globe. Post questions at the Money & Markets commentary here.


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One Nation Under Blackmail

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