1st Quarter 2023 Wrap Up: News Trends & Stories, Part II with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

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“Abandon the urge to simplify everything, to look for formulas and easy answers, and to begin to think multidimensionally, to glory in the mystery and paradoxes of life, not to be dismayed by the multitude of causes and consequences that are inherent in each experience—to appreciate the fact that life is complex.”
~ M. Scott Peck

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week, we continue the publication of our 1st Quarter 2023 Wrap Up. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell joins me for Part II of News Trends & Stories.

In Part II, Dr. Farrell and I go through the six components of Solari’s Building Wealth framework, summarized below, with Dr. Farrell contributing a number of fascinating “info-truffles.” Our aim is to translate the macroeconomic events we reviewed in Part I into actions you can take in your daily lives and work.

Part #1 – Your Free and Inspired Life: Building a free and inspired life is about aligning your investments of intention, time, and resources with your vision and purpose.
Part #2 – Navigation Tools: With discernment, you can find the intelligence you need for your personal strategic and financial planning.
Part #3 – Risk Management: In a high-friction environment, risk management is an essential investment for building personal and family wealth.
Part #4 – Living Equity: The people around you, your health and education, and philanthropy are phenomenal places to invest your time and resources.
Part #5 – Financial Equity: Use your understanding of how to build living equity to build financial equity—they are two sides of the same coin.
Part #6 – Turtle Forth: Move forward steadily, taking action and refusing to quit.

In Part II, Dr. Farrell and I also go over our perennial list of unanswered questions—a list that keeps getting longer! Fortunately, the list of heroes providing inspiration also continues to grow, and we describe some of the great people doing great things in the 1st Quarter.

After publishing the two parts of News Trends & Stories, we will continue with our theme: The Future of Financial Freedom with Richard Werner. This includes Richard’s excellent memo on “Why a Sovereign State Bank is Good for Tennessee.” We will then publish my Equity Overview for the 1st Quarter in early May.

Recognizing that each person’s circumstances are unique, we hope our News Trends & Stories discussion will help you determine the actions you can take and the tactics that are right for you.

Money & Markets

In Money & Markets this week, John Titus and I will cover the latest events and continue to discuss the financial and geopolitical trends we are tracking in 2023—and the growing pushback against corruption. Post questions at the Money & Markets commentary here.

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