Your Right to Food Freedom Video Shorts

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This shorty playlist is to promote Your Right to Food Freedom and Your Farmers’ Right to Produce that Food! The playlist includes over three dozen short videos and a few longer ones that are public too —share them widely!

If we are going to be successful in the fight against centralization, it is critical to shift market share and implement laws and policies strengthening an independent, parallel food system centered on local production of nutrient-dense food. Our health depends on this The place for this to happen is at the state and local level. To this end, it is important to have legislators and officials with the drive and vision to move their constituents away from disastrous federal policies on food and agriculture toward policies promoting state and regional self-sufficiency in the production and distribution of quality food.

The parallel system will have short supply chains and laws and infrastructure geared toward greater self-sufficiency, neighbor-to-neighbor commerce, and a spirit of collaboration among community members.

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