Whitney Webb and CJ Hopkins: Donate to Two Great Freedom Fighters

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Whitney Webb and CJ Hopkins—two of the Solari Report’s favorite New Media allies—could each use our help:

  • Whitney’s one and a half year-old son is undergoing surgery (with more surgeries possibly to come) to correct tracheal stenosis, a serious congenital problem that makes it difficult for him to breathe normally. Providing care for her son has made it very difficult for Whitney to work.
  • CJ is facing prosecution by the German government in a free speech case that can only be called Orwellian. His mounting legal costs include a fine, attorney’s fees, and court costs. Some individuals believe CJ’s case could go all the way to the German equivalent of the Supreme Court.

The Solari Report has donated to both Whitney and CJ. We hope that many of you will be moved to do the same—no amount is too small.

We recommend you donate directly using the mechanisms listed below. If you prefer to donate anonymously, you can send your donation to the Solari Report here (please clearly indicate who the donation is for in the comment section when you check out), and we will be happy to send it along.

For those of you not in a position to donate at this time, please pass this link along and keep both Whitney and her son and family and CJ and his wife in your prayers. Your prayers are deeply appreciated.

Donate to Whitney Webb:

Support Unlimited Hangout

Donate to CJ Hopkins:

CJ’s preference is for donations to reach him via one of the first three options below; however, for those in the U.S., a crowdfund is also available (#4).

(1) Via direct bank transfer:

Christopher Hopkins
IBAN: DE39 1007 0024 0111 9254 00

(2) PayPal

(3) CJ’s Substack: A standard paid subscription is $5/month, but the flexible amount option allows you to pay as much as you like.

(4) C.J. Hopkins Legal Fund

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