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“Tell me a story of deep delight.” ~ Robert Penn Warren

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When I sold my art collection many years ago, I promised myself never to collect again. Well, never say never.

Two months ago, I was walking down the main street of Workum here in the Netherlands and came upon the SpooneyWorld Factory, a world conceived and created by artist and creator Botas.

I am now a SpooneyWorld collector.

Botas asks his customers to send him photos of the Spooneys as they leave Workum and travel the world.

My first acquisition was the SpooneyWorld Liberation Tank. It fights for freedom in the spiritual and energetic worlds.

I asked photographer Hans de Vries to take pictures of my Liberation Tank at the Red Cliffs in Friesland (see image above). The rock formation at the Red Cliffs commemorates the Frisian victory at the Battle of Warns in 1345 with the motto, “Better dead than slave.”

A shot of the Liberation Tank defending the town of Stavoren was appropriate, as was paying respects to the Stavoren Lady.

To say thanks, Hans de Vries got a Spooney Photographer for his birthday. So his Spooney helped with the shoot as well, including at the Fish Fountain and one of the lighthouses that marks the harbor.

Want to learn more about SpooneyWorld and creator Botas?

SpooneyWorld; Creating a dream – The making of Romeo & Juliet, by the creator Botas

Stay tuned…the Spooney spread has just begun.

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