We Need to Talk About Mr. Global, Part 4

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We know it will be good in the end. If it’s not good, it’s not the end.
~ Ilana Rachel Daniel

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In August 2021, political satirist CJ Hopkins and independent media company OVALmedia filmed a four-part series of timely conversations in which CJ and I “talked about Mr. Global” and the financial and geopolitical coup launched under the guise of a “pandemic.” This week, we are pleased to announce OVALmedia’s release of Part 4, the final episode.

As a reminder:

  • In Part 1, CJ and I laid the groundwork for understanding “how we got here.”
  • In Part 2, we tackled two crucial questions: Where did the $21 trillion disappear to, and why do we urgently need to care about what is happening?
  • In Part 3, we analyzed propaganda tactics—especially those successfully applied over the past several years—considering how such propaganda was able to deceive so many.

In Part 4, we first discuss Mr. Global’s goal of complete digital control, a dystopian plan that would downgrade human beings’ status from that of sovereign individuals to slaves or natural resources to be harvested. This vision goes beyond mere totalitarianism; at this juncture, it seems clear that we are dealing with a “Mr. Global” who views himself as a different species and believes that—by means of digital IDs, vaccine passports, mind control, and invasive Internet of Bodies technologies—he can manage the rest of us as livestock.

The good news is that we have the power to say no to this vision. Paraphrasing what the Buddha said, “With our thoughts, we invent our world.” If each of us can come to grips with the ways in which we have helped (and are still helping) Mr. Global build the train tracks of digital control, we can make different choices and instead be a part of stopping it.

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