Song by Lori B. Williams “We Are The Product They’re Planning To Use”

By Lori B. Williams,

I found myself at Solari a few years ago now. I had been on a mission to understand why my family and I have been preyed upon for generations. Constantly having to deal with the fall out of a diabolical agenda I took the time to search for answers. Invisible influences of sound, light & tiny world technology are all intertwining to reveal a malevolent dystopian agenda. We are being invaded body, soul & spirit. Our DNA, our God given unique divinity & ability to think critically, it’s all on the menu. I have come to realize there is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. We are in it. This is the war of all against all.

For this Solari intelligence network emanating from honest, courageous people I am eternally grateful. At the same time this bravado has kindled a fire within me to do what is mine to do. If you’ve been sitting on the fence observing this havoc coming at us from all directions ask yourself “What is mine to do?”. By all means do it.


Lori B Williams songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar, alto saxophone
Steve Jennings: Producer, Drums & Bass
Bruce Paquette: Harmonica
Pat Nelson: Organ
Recording Studio: Wasner Audio Northfield, MN

Lyric / Chord SheetWe Are The Product They’re Planning To Use

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