Water Solutions II

Other Water Harvesting Methods:

by: James Quaid

This is the 2nd in our Water Solution Series. We’re going to be exploring Fog Fences and Solar Stills. These solutions are used typically in arid mountainous areas and deserts close to the ocean. The amount of water these devices collect depend on location, location, location.

The “Air Well / Dew Pond” was known to the Ancients. Where they collected copius amounts of water in arid locations. See, Wiki entery below.

In an emergency situation, a simple solar still can be constructed with a some visquine, a small shovel and a container. Where you find dry wash or creek bed, dig a hole in a low spot. Dig down far enough until you find moister soil. Put the container in the center of the hole, cover the hole with the visquine and then put the excavated soil around the edges of the visquine to hold the visquine in place. Place a pebble in the center of the visquine directly above the container. This will channel condensation into the container. Construction should be done in the early AM and by the late afternoon there should be liquid water in the container. Note: the 2nd video below uses a variation of this method.

Off-Grid Water With Air and Sunlight (US)

Emergency Water Source from Sea Water – Evaporating with a Solar Still: Survival Tip (Austrailia)

Fog Fence High Elevation Solution (Ecuador, Nepal and parts of Africa)