Threefold Social Order – Basic Points

The great Ideals of the French Revolution

Freedom Equality, Fraternity (better than Brotherlihood)

Very real, but impracticable ideals in any centralistic government. 

Must impede each other [antagonistic, polarity].

Freedom for spiritual life, Equality for sphere of law and rights, Fraternity for economic sphere.

Threefold nature of man (body, soul and spirit), threefold nature of soul: Thinking, Feeling, Willing [See Steiner, «Riddles of the Soul», vol. 21)]

Relation to past, present, future [?]

Exactly 100 Years ago Steiner gave the «World Economy» (Lecture Course (vol. 340)

Further reading: «Spiritual Science and Social Question» (vol. 34)

Further Fundamentals of the Threefold Order (not discussed in the interview):

  1. Labour cannot be paid, for this means paying the labourer, a human being. What can be paid has to be independent from the human being: a mere product of labour and work. If you pay someone’s time, you indirectly still pay the human being. You cannot separate the time used for some work from the worker. Form of slavery.
  2. The means of existing/existence (food, housing etc.) must come from a different source than the income. 
  3. This source is the social community which provides the means for someone to produce in a certain time a similar product (e.g. some shoe). It has also to provide these means for people in infancy or old age. Right of existing.
  4. Land cannot be an object of buying or selling (since it is limited)
  5. Money has no value in itself, but only in relation to a real value produced  (only book keeping function)
  6. Money is therefore no good to be acquired.
  7. Money has to circulate as buy-money, lend-money or gift money.
  8. It must not be stowed in land-property.
  9. The means of producing (e.g. in a factory) belong to the person (s) best able to make use of it, as long as he is making use of it. They cannot be owned independently of this individual usage.
  10. Function of «associations» (Producers, Distributors and Consumers) to establish the «right» prize.

To be clarified in further discussion!

RUDOLF STEINER Nationalökonomischer Kurs

Vierzehn Vorträge, gehalten in Dornach vom 24. Juli bis 6. August 1922

für Studenten der Nationalökonomie

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